Whirlpool Freezers: A Wide Array of Freezer Options

When shopping for new Whirlpool freezers, it’s always good to do some research and get an idea of what you want ahead of time. Many people are surprised at the sheer variety of these appliances offered, ranging from small storage freezers all the way to the popular Whirlpool upright freezers which provide a huge amount of storage for families. Getting an idea ahead of time of what’s available and what you actually need can lead to a much easier time finding the perfect match.
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While many people might have images of a freezer being a much smaller part of an all in one unit refrigerator, many consumers can see a definite advantage to having a larger unit with the ability to easily hold hundreds of pounds of meat or dozens of bags of frozen veggies or frozen pizzas. Hunters know the advantage of having a Whirlpool chest freezer, many of which offer up to 15 cubic feet of space. You can fit an entire deer in there, or bags of fish fillets. If you’re looking to save money for an entire family you can buy an entire pig or cow from a butcher shop and have the space to store all of the processed meat.
Whirlpool chest freezers are among one of the most popular types of freezers by Whirlpool for this reason. They can be moved to a coat room, screened in porch, basement, or side room while providing enough space to truly shop in bulk and save on food costs. This design is often also referred to as a Whirlpool box freezer, but box freezers and chest freezers are one and the same.
While these work for many people who own their own house, they won’t work for everyone. This is where a Whirlpool chest freezer may come in very handy. This model of freezer looks exactly like your conventional fridge, but it is one large freezer to give you all the extra room you need for TV dinners, frozen pizzas, frozen meat, and all the other food you need to store. Many people find that by having it as the same shape and build as a normal fridge, the Whirlpool chest freezer becomes much easier to fit into a normal town house or even large apartment setting.
There are many options when it comes to Whirlpool refrigerators and freezers, and the consistently high rankings these appliances receive from reviews on or appliance review sites should help to alleviate any worries about quality. When the time comes to get a new freezer, or to upgrade to a larger model, going with a Whirlpool freezer is a safe bet to get the quality you want.