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Westinghouse Fridges

There are many different kinds of Westinghouse fridges available to savvy buyers. They come in a wide variety of styles from the tradition top mount and bottom mount freezers, through single door fridges. Westinghouse refrigerators are also available in side by side and pigeon pair configurations.
Top Mount Freezers
Westinghouse provides a large selection of top mount fridge freezer units. Their range includes popular models such as the WTM5204SB, WTM4404SB, WTE5200SB and WTM5200PB stainless steel units. They also offer a large selection of white top mounts – including the WTM5200WB, WTM4200WB, WTM3900WB and WTB2300WB.
Bottom Mount Freezers
The lineup of Westinghouse bottom mount freezers is rather extensive. The WBM5104SB, WBM4304SB, WBM3700SB and WBE4300SB all come in attractive stainless steel. For a more traditional white finish the Westinghouse WBM5100WB and WBM3700WB are also popular choices.
Single Door Fridge
Westinghouse also manufactures a range of stand-alone fridges that do not incorporate a freezer. These include the stainless steel WRM4300SB and WRM2400SC single door fridges. If you prefer your Westinghouse single door refrigerators in white then the WRM3700WB and WRM4300WB are great alternatives.
Bar Fridges
There are also a few bar fridges available from this manufacturer. These include the WIM1000WC, WIM1200WC and WIM1300WC
models, which are perfect for any home bar.
Side By Side Fridges
There is a healthy range of American style fridge freezers manufactured by Westinghouse. The WSE6100SA, WSE6970SA and WSE7000SA are amongst the most feature packed high-end refrigerators available in their model line. Buyers who prefer the look of classic white should consider the attractive WSE6070WB, WSE6970WA and WSE7000WA Westinghouse side by side fridge freezers.
Pigeon Pair Fridges and Freezers
One unique offering from Westinghouse are their matching pairs of single door fridge freezer units. These units – the WRM4300SB, WFM3600SB, WFM3000PB and WFM3000WB vertical freezer – can be installed separately in the kitchen for the ultimate in installation flexibility.
Westinghouse Integration Kit
Also available is the IK007 Integration kit. This accessory kit offers a simple solution to fully integrate your fridge freezer into you homes kitchen to provide a truly seamless look.
With all these different types of Westinghouse fridges available for consumers to choose from, there is surely a model suitable for homeowners needs.