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LG 5231JA2006A And 5231JA2006B Water Filters

The LG 5231JA2006A water filter is used in a wide range of LG and Kenmore refrigerators.
It is recommended that you replace your fridges water filter every six months to best ensure high water quality.
For this reason keeping some of these units on hand is a good idea if your refrigerator uses this model.

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If you own an LG bottom-freezer refrigerator or an LG side-by-side fridge freezer then odds are you use an LG 5231JA2006A Water Filter. Surprisingly some non-LG refrigerators make use of this filter. The main example is the Kenmore 795 series of refrigerators; but even the Kenmore French door Trio models that have a water dispenser on the outer panel of the refrigerator door utilize the LG 5231JA2006A.

The LG 5231JA2006A removes over 93% of Class I particulates and 97% of chlorine. For those willing to pay a little extra for a premium filter, the LG LT600P Cyst Reducing Refrigerator Replacement Filter, 1 Pack (Part Number 5231JA2006B) is an updated version capable of removing a lot more contaminants than the older model A water filter. It filters over well over 99% of Class I particulates as well as removes most Mercury Lead, Benzene and other undesirable chemicals from your water supply.
This water filter can be easily replaced by any homeowner, and requires no special tools or training to swap out. Capable of filtering up to 300 gallons, these filters should be exchanged every 6 months or whenever the filter change light comes on – whichever comes first. Many people find it convenient to purchase several of these units at once, to ensure they always have one convenient when needed; to this end the LT600P also comes in multi-packs of two, three or even six water filters – LG LT600P-3 Water Filter, 3 Pack.

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Be sure that you replace your refrigerator freezers water filter as recommended by the manufacturer in order to ensure the highest possible quality of water gets dispensed from the refrigerator for both drinking and the creation of ice cubes.
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Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II Refrigerator Cyst Water Filter

The Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II water filter is used in a wide variety of Jenn-Air, Amana, Whirlpool, Kitchenaid and Maytag bottom mount refrigerators.
If you own one of these models, and the water filter is a long, round unit that swings down from the refrigerator ceiling you most likely require one of these filters.

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Maytag Bottom Freezer Water Filter
Maytag Bottom Freezer - UKF8001 location

To confirm, verify that the water filter in your bottom mounted refrigerator freezer is accessed as demonstrated in this image.
Installation of a new Maytag water filter is as easy as changing a light-bulb. First unlatch the filter cover and swing it down. This will reveal the filter which is easily removed by turning 90 degrees counter clockwise and pulling the water filter straight down to free it. The new filter is then installed by following this process in reverse, and closing the plastic filter cover so that it snaps into place.
Rated at 750 gallons, this refrigerator water filter should be replaced every six to twelve months to ensure that your water stays clean and safe to drink. If your refrigerator has a Change filter light use this to guide you as to when it is necessary to replace your water filter.

Maytag’s UKF8001 Puriclean II is a high quality NSF certified refrigerator water that significantly reduces undesirable contaminants such as asbestos, lead, mercury, cysts, particulates and more from water prior to drinking. At the same time it retains beneficial fluoride while reduce the odor and taste of chlorine in your drinking water.
Amazon sells the Maytag UKF8001 Puriclean II Refrigerator Cyst Water Filter individually, or in packs of two filters and three filter packs respectively for those wanting to buy in bulk to avoid running out of water filters in the future.
Be sure to replace your refrigerators water filter as the manufacturer recommends so as to maximize the benefits of your Maytag filter, and to ensure the best possible quality of water gets dispensed from the refrigerator to your drinking cup.