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Types of Restaurant Refrigerators

One of the most important pieces of equipment needed in a restaurant is the restaurant refrigerator. There are many types of restaurant or commercial refrigerators that are certified for use in restaurants and other commercial and industrial kitchen settings. Here is an overview of the features you can expect to find on various types of restaurant refrigerators.
Undercounter Refrigerators
These are refrigerators that fit under the counter in a restaurant. There are two models of this type: the undercounter freezer models and the undercounter refrigerator models. The type you choose will depend on the kind of food that is to be stored in them. The main advantage of this type of refrigerator is that it allows for optimum use of space in the restaurant kitchen or bar. Using an undercounter refrigerator creates more space for those preparing food. The space under the counter is not wasted. The dimensions of the space under the counter where the refrigerator will be kept should be measured before you set out to buy an undercounter refrigerator. This will ensure that you choose one that fits perfectly.
Display Refrigerators
These are restaurant refrigerators with transparent doors that allow people to see what is inside. Although this type of refrigerator is intended for commercial purposes, it can be used in homes too. Commercial entities need this type of refrigerator because it allows customers to see what is available for purchase in the shop without constantly opening the door and letting the temperature inside get too warm. This keeps the food at a safe temperature while enticing customers to buy the items that are stored inside.
Beverage Refrigerators
These are commercial refrigerators designed for keeping cool beverages. They are able to keep drinks such as beer and soda at the right temperature so that they are always ready for customers to enjoy. Since beverage refrigerators are usually kept in the bar area, some of them come with locks for security during off hours. Some of these refrigerators also have transparent doors just like display refrigerators.
Drawer Refrigerators
These are restaurant refrigerators that open like drawers. Drawer refrigerators come in various models and are usually installed under counters. There are two door, four door and six door models. This type of refrigerator is good for commercial operations because it allows for different types of food items to be stored in separate compartments. The advantage is that odors from foods such as meat and fish do not get to other foods, like vegetables and fruits. When taking food out of one drawer, the food in the other compartments is not exposed.
Walk-in Refrigerators
Restaurant RefrigeratorsThis is one of the most common refrigerator types used in restaurants. This is because restaurants need to keep large amounts of food that ordinary refrigerators cannot support. A walk-in refrigerator is a refrigerated room with controlled temperatures for storing food. Some walk-in refrigerators are very complex machines with the ability to indicate which foods will expire at a particular time.
Commercial refrigerators are expensive and are sometimes beyond the reach of some business owners, especially those who are just getting started in the restaurant business. However, there are used restaurant refrigerators on the market that work perfectly and cost much less than new refrigerators.