When purchasing a new freezer there are two basic options for buyers. These are the upright freezer and the chest freezer.
I will briefly discuss here some of the features of upright freezers, and how the compare to the alternative – deep chest freezers.
Upright Freezers – Strengths
The main advantage of an upright freezer over a chest freezer is the built in capability to organize the contents of uprights. Many uprights have adjustable freezer storage bins, pull out freezer baskets and sliding shelves; all of these make organizing one of these appliances very easy.
With a deep chest freezer you will quite likely need to purchase yourself some wire baskets. These freezer baskets can be stacked inside a deep freezer to competently mimic the storage options of upright freezers.
Many upright freezers contain an auto defrost feature. This is an expensive option – around one hundred dollars – and somewhat energy intensive but can be worth the money if you value convenience over financial concerns.
Most chest freezers – and to be fair some uprights – utilize a manual defrost system, this means they must be deiced by hand periodically.
A small foot print is another benefit of choosing an upright freezer. Since these appliances are relatively tall, their depth and width is limited. This means that a lot of freezer can be installed when space is restricted. This is a clear advantage these devices have over chest freezers if your requirement is for a small freezer.
Upright Freezers – Weaknesses
One negative of an upright freezer is its price. It costs more money to purchase an upright rather than a chest freezer of comparable size.   Compounding this issue, uprights use their space less efficiently. The usable storage in an upright freezer is going to be 10% or more less than that of the equivalent deepfreeze unit.
A second disadvantage is operating costs. The design of chest freezers lends itself to the efficient use of energy better than do upright freezers. Over the long term this can make uprights cost significantly more to operate each month.
As I have explained, an upright freezer has an extensive list of pros and cons as compared to a chest freezer. There are an extensive selection of brands available – with options ranging from a Kenmore upright freezer from Sears through to more upscale choices like Frigidaire upright freezers.
The details of your particular application will play a large part in determining if upright freezers are an appropriate choice for you, or whether you should be looking at other types of freezers instead.