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Buying A Beverage Refrigerator

Imagine you are hosting a party, having a private get together with friends, or are relaxing in your den or game room. Do you really want to walk to the kitchen when you or your guests get thirsty, taking you away from the get-together or stress-free moment? Traditional kitchen refrigerators are perfect for storing food and drinks for everyday consumption. But depending on your needs, they may not provide enough space or might not be in a convenient location. Purchasing and installing a beverage refrigerator in your home is the perfect solution to this problem, and can provide you with cool beverages at a moments notice. You will never have to leave the party or your personal space – at least not until you are ready.
How to Choose the Right Beverage Refrigerator for Your Living Space
Finding the best unit to suit your needs isn’t a difficult task. But with all the brands and product types available, how do you know which product is right for you? Before any decisions can be made, first decide where your new refrigerator is going to be placed. Accurately measure all aspects of the space available; including the length, width and height. Keep in mind, the latter measurement is essential if your new purchase is going to fit properly as a built in beverage refrigerator because the compressor requires adequate ventilation to run and properly maintain its internal temperature.  Once you have determined the amount of space available, you can start the selection process.
One of the first aspects you will notice while shopping online or at major retailers is the wide range of brand names available. Some of the most popular brand names available are Haier, Avanti, Danby, Magic Chef and EdgeStar. While no one brand is necessarily vastly superior to the others, brand does make a difference when it comes to pricing, features, sizing and warranty. If you are not loyal to a particular brand, the best place to start is by narrowing the selection based on affordability and features.
Cost may be one of your first concerns when shopping, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Lower priced beverage refrigerators may be more affordable and budget friendly – but they may end up lacking in features and are quite often less energy efficient. In the end, that “money saving” purchase may cost you more in the long run. Instead of choosing a cheap refrigerator, look for other money saving options such as sales and rebates. Also, consider shopping at specialty stores or online at locations including ABT appliances, Best Buy and Amazon where savings on overall cost and shipping is almost guaranteed.
Once you have narrowed your selection, it is time to find the product with all the right features to suit your needs. Wine coolers and beverage refrigerators are a popular option for homes because of their versatility. Interchangeable racks make storing either (or both) types of drink a breeze. Other options to look for are glass refrigerator doors, digital thermostats, auto-defrost, adjustable racks, internal lighting and a suitable Energy-Star rating. And if you want to create a truly streamlined room design consider an undercounter refrigerator which fits alongside your existing cabinetry, allowing too blend with your existing living space.
What Makes an Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator Different?
Do you need to keep your drinks cool in the heat of the outdoors? Consider the addition of an outdoor refrigerator to your patio or other outside living space. But not all units are created equal and they are not the same as indoor models, so you must take this aspect into consideration before you buy. A standard beverage refrigerator is not designed for outdoor use. The higher temperatures will cause the internal components and compressor to run continuously to maintain the lower internal temperature – and this constant running will eventually cause the product to burn itself out.
The right outdoor beverage refrigerator can compensate for all of these problems. This type of model should include the following features, which will allow for it to withstand harsh environment:

  • Ensure the model is marketed as being weatherproof and designed for outdoor use
  • Check for increased levels of insulation
  • Verify the refrigerator is approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), this ensures the product has undergone testing, is waterproof and safe for outdoor use
  • Stainless steel outdoor beverage refrigerators are the best design because they not only resist harsh weather conditions, but also do not rust easily
  • Choose a unit with a higher Energy-Star rating, this ensures the unit will run less and will not drastically increase your electric bill

Once you have determined where your new refrigeration unit is going to be placed, your price range and the features you desire; actually finding the right product to fit your needs is a breeze. The wide range of brand names and retailers will provide you with the perfect solution – even though you may not find exactly what you are look for right off the bat. In the end, the installation of a beverage refrigerator in your home you will make everyday life even simpler, and make you living space the life of the party.

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The Under Counter Fridge – A Great Refrigerator Option

Many households looking for a luxurious yet convenient addition to their kitchen will consider the purchase of a second fridge. When it comes to choosing a second fridge, an under counter fridge is a very popular choice.

A simple compact fridge or bar fridge can make for a cheap second fridge. However, if your needs are for a design that smoothly fits into your existing kitchen dcor then undercounter refrigeration has a lot of benefits. Below I will discuss the features of these appliances, and briefly discuss a couple of the available models.

The usual form factor of one of these small refrigerators is a set of drawers – frequently caster drawers. These under cabinet refrigerators are installed in a space similar to that which built-in dishwashers occupy. With a relatively small foot print, and easy access for children, they can be a very handy addition to the kitchen. If you seek additional freezer space these units are available as under counter freezers also.
The discreet installation beneath the kitchen counter allows the small integrated fridges to seamlessly blend into your room, and project an air of sophisticated elegance. Available with a variety of finishes, you can choose the traditional white or black front. You can also opt for stainless steel, or even custom fitted wooden panels. This is an especially nice option if you have opted for a full sized integrated fridge freezer as your primary appliance; the two integrated refrigerators will complement each other very nicely.
Similarly to the full sized integrated fridges, these under the counter refrigerator units are designed specifically to allow them to be operated flush to the walls under cabinetry by having the ventilation on the front of the unit. With cheap compact fridges while you need to ensure several inches of ventilation space on each side; which reduces those units suitability for use as compact undercounter refrigerators.
Unfortunately, while very convenient and attractive, you will have to pay a significant sum for a quality under-counter drawer refrigerator. Most models are in the US$1,500 to US$3,000 dollar price range. It is the homeowners decision a to whether nor not having a fridge integrated under counter tops is worth the expense.
As mentioned earlier they are of a similar capacity to many mini-bar fridges or compact refrigerators, and those alternatives can make for a cheap undercounter fridge at a very small fraction of the price. Not however that care must be taken if you choose this route that under the counter refrigerators are adequately ventilated.
The Electrolux ICON : E24RD50QS Professional Series Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawers is a good example of a premium under counter refrigerator. This unit has generous capacity and a stainless steel finish. This particular under counter refrigerator has two sliding drawers, and is truly a sophisticated kitchen appliance that will fit well into the most modern designer kitchen.
Thankfully there is a compromise available as there are under counter fridge freezer units available that have a more traditional compact design combined with a ventilation system that allows them to be used flush against walls. These units are generally priced more than a regular compact fridge, but for significantly less than the upscale drawer type undercounter fridges.
Summit CT66B 5.1 cu. ft. Compact Refrigerator with Adjustable Glass Shelves, Door Storage, Manual Defrost Freezer, Dual Evaporator and Interior Light: Black
The Summit Appliances CT66B Deluxe Under-Counter Refrigerator-Freezer veers away from the drawer design, and is a model that looks more like a compact fridge, but has the ventilation features that allow for safe usage under a counter. This undercounter refrigerator can be a great choice if you do not want to pay the premium for the drawer type units.
Even high end firms like Sub Zero and Viking manufacture quality undercounter refrigerators.
Also something to keep in mind though this may be less of a concern if you can afford one of these units is energy usage. Though relatively cheap to run due to their small size, under counter refrigerators are considerably less efficient than any large American style fridge when it comes to energy usage per unit volume. That said, at less than US$50 per year to run assuming your electricity prices aren’t prohibitive the cost of operating under counter fridges should not be too serious a problem.