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All About Thermador Appliances

Thermador has long been a leading name in the appliance world. Since the beginning of the twentieth century, Thermador has been producing innovated kitchen appliances that have changed the way that many cook. Most know Thermador for its oven and food heating technology, but what experience does the company have with making refrigerators and freezers? Should they be trusted with the most vital part of your cooking experience?
A Historical Timeline of Thermador Appliances
1916- The Thermador company is launched by William E. Cranston, producing electrical items such as built-in and portable heathers.
1930- 14 years after the initial beginnings of the Thermador company, Cranston decided to merge his own business with another independent company lead by H.H. Fogwell. This merge created the Thermador Electrical Manufacturing Company.
1940’s- The new company pioneers in the market of cooking appliances and evaporative coolers, better known as refrigerators.
1943- Thermador receives the distinguished Army-Navy E Award for their innovations in the installation of cutting edge insulation that withstood drastic temperature and humidity changes.
1947- The first built in wall oven is released by Thermador, an appliance that is installed in many homes today.
1960’s- The company releases matching appliances including stovetops, ovens, refrigerators and freezers. Stoves contain self-cleaning technology and speed cooking features.
1969- Thermador appliances appear in the famous Brady Bunch television show.
1970’s- Thermador refrigeration model sales peak when Julia Child’s revolutionary cooking show uses the appliances exclusively.
1995- Professional stovetops created with sealed burners, the “Star Burner” a revolution in cooking. These heating elements cook evenly, compared to some other stovetop models.
2002- Oven time is reduces by up to 75% with new Jet Impingement Ovens.
2006- Separate refrigeration columns become a feature in new cooling appliances, allowing the fridge and freezer to be installed separately to suit the individual family’s needs. The Freedom Collection becomes a cutting edge fridge technology.
The Freedom Refrigerator and Freezer Collection
While you may have seen many models of Thermador fridges in appliance stores and home departments, the most revolutionary line of cooling appliances is the Thermador Freedom Collection. But why is this appliance line the most noteworthy? With these appliances, you don’t have to be buckled down to a fridge and freezer combo. All different sections of the appliance separate, allowing you to install them wherever works best in your kitchen. You are able to potentially purchase large individual components, which can be a great asset if you are into freezer cooking – a practice that requires a lot of frozen food storage space. With these models, you can even find customized wooden door pieces that can match any decor.
Thermador Kitchen Appliances
With a long history of innovation and a passion for cutting edge technology, Thermador might be the answer you’re looking for. Even though Thermador is famous for their heating appliances, don’t hesitate to turn to them for you fridge and freezers. Lots of models means options to choose from, but the Freedom Collection is a great choice for diversity and unique installation.

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Thermador Refrigerator

When it comes to selecting a Thermador Refrigerator there is a good selection of different types to choose from. These include attractive side-by-side refrigerators, stylish bottom freezer refrigerators, freezer and refrigerator columns, and finally Thermador wine columns
Thermador Side-By-Side Refrigerators
There are two basic options available when you are purchasing a Thermador side by side refrigerator – 42 inch and 48 inch wide models. These units have the option of a high quality filtered water and ice dispenser.
The KBUDT4255E and KBUDT4265E 42 inch models include easy use electronic controls. They also offer adjustable glass shelves without frames, which allows for maximum storage capacity. The crisper drawers in these models are easily opened using sophisticated roller glides; and the doors feature appealing highly stylish curved handles.
Also available are the 42” KBUIT455E and KBUIT4265E which offer very elegant stainless steel doors suitable for the high-end kitchen. These units also have a rapid-chill freezer shelf that allows for quick cooling when time is of the essence.
For those looking for some extra space the 48” wide Thermador side-by-side fridge freezers are a great choice. These KBUDT4855E, KBUDT4865E and KBUIT4865E are comparable to the 42 inch models but for the additional storage capacity they provide.
Thermador Bottom Freezer Refrigerators
The T36IB70NSP is a 36 inch fully integrated refrigerator that will blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinetry to provide the beautiful line of a built-in fridge freezer. Available with either stainless steel paneling or custom panels to match your woodwork, this refrigerator offers 84” doors to cover the entire front side of the unit.
Fans of French door refrigerators also have plenty of options from Thermador. The T36BT71FSE, T36IT71FNS and T36IT71NNP also offer the benefits of an integrated fridge, but also many other high-end options. Many people enjoy the benefits of Thermadors’ Freedom Refrigeration feature – which provide two compressors and two evaporators for the most precise control of the conditions in the fridge and freezer.
Thermador Refrigerator Columns
Buyers seeking a standalone refrigerator can do worse than considering a Thermador model. These units come in three different widths. These are 18 inches – the T18ID80NLP, T18ID80NRP and T18IF70NSP – 24 inches – the T24ID80NLP, T24IF80NRP and T24IF70NSP – and the widest, the T30IF70NSP.
Thermador Freezer Columns
A natural accompaniment to a refrigerator column is a Thermador freezer column. These match the refrigerated units both in model numbers and appearance. They include appealing features such as availability of either left or right handed door swing, and the option to install fully integrated. They also include the special Thermador Freedom® Hinge, allowing the door to be opened well past 90 degrees even when installed flush with your cabinetry.
Thermador Wine Columns
While not so well known for their wine refrigerators as manufacturers such as Sub Zero, Thermador does offer a couple of high quality wine storage units. These are the 18inch T18IW50NSP and the larger 24inch T24IW50NSP. With two temperature zones these units readily allow white and red wines to be stored at temperatures appropriate to each. With a capacity of 70 bottles of wine these wine fridges will be a good choice for most moderately sized collections.
With all these different options available, there is a high quality Thermador refrigerator available for almost any application.