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Sub Zero Wine Refrigerator

For a true wine lover, a wine storage or a wine cooler is the best option to keep your wine collection chilled in the right temperature. And if you are looking for the best chilled wine storage, the line-up of Sub Zero wine refrigerator selections is very hard to beat.
In general, all sub zero refrigerator designs are famous for their utmost cooling performance tied to a deluxe refrigerator design. But when it comes to storing a huge number of wine bottles, it is best to keep them inside a Sub-Zero wine storage unit rather than store them inside a typical refrigerator. Why is this?
Good wine refrigerators are built to have the right temperature to keep your wine chilled perfectly. The standard refrigerator is too cold, and may adversely affect the quality and flavor of your wine over time.
If you can’t afford to build a full-blown wine cellar inside your house then buying a wine refrigerator is a very viable alternative; especially if it is from Sub-Zero.
A Sub-Zero wine storage cooling center can easily accommodate 130 bottles of wine – just the right number of wine bottles for the typical wine collector. While multi-millionaires may have a larger collection, if you buy quality wines it will be difficult to fill one of these unit without spending a vast sum of money.
The exterior design overlay of a Sub-Zero wine refrigerator is highly customizable – you can opt for the classic custom wood design for a traditionally styled home or go contemporary with the stainless steel finish.
At the outset, the subzero wine fridge may appear like any other refrigerator; but when you open it, you will realize how well space is optimized in this wine cooler. With discreet soft and low lighting, your treasured collection of wine bottles is elegantly displayed.
With wire shelves and natural cherry word roller-glide shelves there are beautiful storage options inside. For the more high-end options – such as the Sub-Zero 427 Wine Storage – the two different wine compartments have individual temperature and humidity controls. These exquisite dual compartment wine storage units really reflect high sub zero refrigerator prices however. If your installation space is contrained you should consider the Subzero 315W wine storage which is only a little over 15-inches in width
Your Sub Zero wine cooler can be installed in an integrated manner – similar to many other sub zero fridges – between counters or cabinets, or it can be freestanding like the 424 Sub-Zero refrigerator. A Subzero wine cellar provides a lot of flexibility in this area with their wide selection. The large Sub Zero WS-30 wine storage unit is capable of housing almost 150 bottles, and can easily be built-in to your wall for a very stylish look.
This rust-proof wine refrigerator does not come cheap though. It is not surprising that Subzero prices for fridges are very high, as they are one of the best brands out there. However, if you truly value your wines – and have the budget to afford them – Sub-Zero wine storage options are well worth the money.