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Sub-Zero BI-42S Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer Review

If you’re looking for that just right, top of the line, side-by-side refrigerator and freezer combo to finish off your new dream kitchen, then you have to take a look at the Sub-Zero BI-42S Side-By-Side Refrigerator/Freezer. In this review we outline some of the features, pricing, and warranty info of the BI-42S.
Sub-Zero BI-42S Side-by-Side Refrigerator/Freezer Features
With 16 cubic feet of refrigerator capacity and 8 cubic feet of freezer capacity, the Sub-Zero BI-42S stands at 84 inches tall, 42 inches wide, and 24 inches deep. It weighs in at 582 pounds. Here are some of it other features:

  •      Dual refrigeration system to ensure freshness.
  •      An air purification system that tackles everything from odors and bacteria to viruses and ethylene gas.
  •      Water filtration.
  •      An illuminated control panel.
  •      Brilliant, balanced interior lighting, including in the storage drawers.
  •      Dairy compartment, door shelves, and spill-proof glass shelves that are easy to adjust.
  •      The crisper and deli drawers are soft-close, and they form an independent low-temperature zone.
  •      The flip-up grille is easy access.
  •      Freshness cards let you know the status of your foods.
  •      The classic stainless steel model has an estimated energy usage of 650 kWh, or about $69 per year
  •      The overlay model has an estimated energy usage of 520 kWh, or about $55 per year.
  •      UL approved in both the US and Canada.
  •      Star-K Kosher certified for Sabbath and holiday use.

The BI-42SD will give you all the above as well as a convenient ice and water dispenser. For something a little smaller check out the BI-36S for a side-by-side model that only spans 36 inches wide. If bigger is more your style, go for the BI-48S for a full 48 inches wide (also available with a convenient water and ice dispenser). Look to the 36 inch models for over-under, all fridge or freezer designs, and glass door refrigerator options. Also, BI stands for Built In, so if you’re looking for an Integrated design, try the Sub-Zero 700 club.
BI-42S/D Pricing
Sub-Zero has a convenient store locator on its website. Just plug in your zip code, and they will provide you with your nearest dealer. Overall, this may be your best option because it gives you the chance to go in and get your hands on the unit. You may also be able to arrange for delivery and installation through your local Subzero dealer. But whether you go brick and mortar, or shop online, expect to pay between $7,000 and $10,000 for the Sub-Zero BI-42S/D side-by-side refrigerator/freezer.
Genuine replacement parts are available for this model in the form of the Sub-Zero Air Purification Cartridge, and their branded water filter.
Sub-Zero Warranty Information
Sub-Zero offers these three warranty coverages for the BI-42S: the Limited Twelve Year Sealed System Warranty, the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. Warranties start in the date of original installation.
The Sealed System Warranties only cover components deemed defective due to materials or workmanship in the sealed system. The Sealed System is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and all connecting tubing.
The One Year Warranty, however, will cover all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any defective components. You will want to read the entirety of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.
Offering 42 inches of stylish and powerful side-by-side refrigeration, the Sub-Zero BI-42S is hard to pass up. If the features meet your needs, and the price is within your budget, then a trip down to your local dealer may be in order.

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Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Review

Perhaps your freezer is in the garage, or maybe you just need more room than a side-by-side can offer; either way, the Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an alluring model worth taking a closer look. In this review we will do just that by looking at the BI-36R’s features, pricing, and warranty info.
Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator Features

  • The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is loaded with all the good stuff you need.
  • This refrigerator will literally use less electricity than your 100-watt living room lightbulb.
  • It’s annual energy usage is estimated at 404 kWh, which works out to about $43 per year.
  • It is UL approved in both the US and Canada.
  • The flip-up grill enables you to completely build in and service this refrigerator from the front.
  • Fully certified as Sabbath and holiday compliant by Star-K Kosher.
  • Plenty of design options, including overlay, framed, flush inset, and classic stainless steel.
  • Air purifying system.
  • Bright and even interior lighting.
  • The glass shelves are easily adjustable and spill-proof.
  • The crisper and deli drawers are their own low-temperature zone.
  • Kosher certified and Energy Star qualified.

BI indicates “Built In”, so if you were looking for an Integrated model, check out the BI-36R’s cousin, the 736-TR All Refrigerator. The “R” stands for Refrigerator, as in All Refrigerator. If you need a fridge/freezer combo, then look into the BI-36S for a Side-by-Side model, or the BI-36U for an Over-Under model.
If the Sub-Zero BI-36R is exactly what you’re looking for, but you like the idea of checking to see how much milk you have left from the other side of the kitchen island, then check out the BI-36RG for a triple-pane, UV-resistant Glass Door.
Pricing for the BI-36R
Pricing is precious info for Sub-Zero, but if you look around you can find a price tag on the BI-36R at about $5,000 or more. Your best bet is to type in your zip code on Sub-Zero’s store locator and give your local dealer a call. Once you know who is carrying Sub-Zero, you can walk in a see the unit for yourself. Get a feel for it. See it in action. Overall, this sales method can be in your favor, which is nice for this kind of personal investment.
Sub-Zero Warranty Information
Sub-Zero offers three different warranty coverages for the BI-36R. They are the Limited Twelve Year Sealed System Warranty, the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. Warranties start in the date of original installation
The Sealed System Warranties only cover defective components (due to materials or workmanship) in the sealed system, which is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier, and all of the connecting tubing.
The One Year Warranty, however, will cover all parts and labor needed to repair or replace any defective components. You will want to read the entirety of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.
The Sub-Zero BI-36R All Refrigerator is an elegant powerhouse of energy efficient freshness. For most interested buyers, the BI-36R is not a toy, it’s an investment. But a worthy one. If you’re looking quality, beautiful design, and efficiency, then look no further than the Sub-Zero BI-36R.

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Subzero Prices

Any attempt to research Subzero prices online is difficult.
In this article I provide the key to resolving this issue.
Obtaining detailed Sub-Zero refrigerator prices for comparison shopping purposes is now easy. A good thing too, as this information is incredibly difficult to obtain. As well as being the Food Preservation Specialists; Wolf and Sub Zero do a good job of preserving the secrecy of their pricing also.
Even in the modern age – with online price comparisons easily available for nearly every product imaginable – the best way to collect information on Sub Zero fridge freezer prices is to visit a showroom or contact a dealer.
You should except to hear some large numbers when collecting prices for Subzero refrigerators. Part of Wolfs marketing strategy is rather than just being upfront about Sub Zero prices, encourage clients to visit a dealers’ showroom floor before letting them know how much they will have to pay.
Clearly if you are being quoted a price of many thousands of dollars for a Sub Zero refrigerator freezer or Sub Zero wine chiller you are likely to balk. Actually having the appliance – which to be fair are very appealing to look at – in front of the potential buyer tends to soften the blow a little.
Be careful when collecting Sub Zero pricing information that you do not end up buying something you cannot really afford. Once you – as a customer – are on the salesroom floor you will be subject to all the normal sales tactics common in the industry. If you are unsure whether or not you want to actually make a purchase and are not sure of your ability to resist a sales pitch it is probably wise to take a more cautious friend or family member along with you.
All this said if you are seeking truly high end refrigeration appliances for your kitchen Sub Zero has some great models. Just be prepared to pay the high Subzero fridge prices for any refrigerator you purchase from this firm; Sub Zero prices are not for the faint of heart.

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Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices

Sub-Zero refrigerator freezers are amongst the most expensive kitchen appliances readily available to residential buyers, and Sub Zero refrigerator prices reflect this – as will be shown below.
Despite this the reviews of the Sub-Zero preservation line show them to be very popular with well-heeled homeowners seeking to build their dream kitchen. Their attractive features include dual compressors and dual evaporator coils as part of their dual zone refrigeration technology.
PRO 48 Refrigeration

The Sub Zero PRO 48 is one of the premium fridge freezers available, and is considered by many to be the best of the Sub-Zero appliances available. This refrigerator has almost every imaginable feature under the sun, and is priced accordingly. As a bonus, with a wattage requirement similar to that of a 100W light bulb this is a remarkably energy efficient refrigerator.
The 648PRO – pictured on the left – has a beautiful steel finish. Also available it the 648PROG glass door model – pictured on the right – which offers a handsome combination of steel and glass door. This particular model is built very substantially, the refrigerators shipping weight of 875lbs makes it one of the most solidly built kitchen appliances around – but take care it is not too heavy if you plan to install it anywhere but the ground floor.
This high-end Sub Zero fridge has a correspondingly high price. While the price of sub zero refrigerator freezers vary over time, you will not find the price of the PRO-48 and PRO-48G to be not less than $15,000 dollars.
Built-In Refrigerator

There are several different Sub-Zero cooling appliances available that can be built-in to a kitchens decor. Those seeking a sub zero freezer only can opt for the All Freezer BI-36F model, which can usually be found for 5500-6500 dollars, depending on the trim selected.
Homeowners seeking a dedicated Subzero fridge which does not assign capacity to freezer duties can select from the Sub-Zero All Refrigerator range; these include the BI-36R product line. The BI36RO wooden overlay model generally sells for about $5000 with a wood overlay, while the more upscale BI36RSTH/BI36RSPH stainless steel versions list for a little over $6000. As you will see, you can choose nearly all Sub Zero refrigerator and freezer models with either a wood panel or metal finish.
The BI-36RG, a similar unit with a glass front, sells for a little more. The flush insert BI36GO for just over $6000 and the stainless BI36RGSTH/BI36RGSPH for close to $7000.
Also available are over-and-under Sub Zero refrigerator built in freezer units. The BI-30U and BI-30UG are 30 inch wide unit are suitable for those needing a narrow Subzero fridge, and products in this lineup range in price from $6500 to $8500 depending on the options chosen. Those with a little more space have the options of the BI-36U or BI-36UG, similarly configured models that are 36 inches in width; research indicates pricing on these Sub-zero models will be somewhere in the $7000 to $9000 window.

Sub-Zero Side-by-Side built-in models are available in three different widths. The BI-36S, BI-42S and BI-48S have widths – as the model numbers suggest – of 36 inches, 42 inches and 48 inches respectively. The smallest of these – the BI36SO 36″ Sub-Zero side by side – sells for about $7000, or $8000 when finished with stainless steel (model BI36SSPH). For the wider 48″ BI48SO expect to be quoted something closer to $8000 for the flush inset model, or $9000 for the stainless BI48SSPH.
Also available in the larger sizes are the BI-42SD and BI-48SD models that offer ice and water dispensing capabilities through the Sub Zero fridges door, which sell for just a little under $10000 each.
Many consider these particular Sub Zero refrigerator reviews to reflect their opinion that these are the ultimate appliances for upscale kitchen remodels.
Integrated Refrigeration

A buyer seeking a built-in design that integrates into the kitchens decor has a number of Sub Zero integrated refrigeration options to choose from.
Starting with the All Freezer options there are some very narrow freezer column units available – the IC-27FI and 700TFI – which are only 27 inches in width, and sell for around $6000. If more space is available, the 36 inch 736TFI is a larger Sub-Zero All Freezer option that costs a little under $7000.
The Sub Zero All Refrigerator line includes some similarly configured refrigeration models. There are two 27 inch refrigerator column models – the IC-27R and 700TCI for $6000 – plus the 36 inch width 736TCI. The Sub Zero fridge price point for these two models is about $7000 also.
Shoppers seeking a combination unit have the choice of the 27 inch 700TCI or the 36 inch 736TCI Sub-Zero Refrigerator/Freezer options. Many people favor the look of a Subzero refrigerator of the counter depth style over the other choices out there.
Sub Zero Wine Storage

Sub-zero also manufactures a variety of high end wine refrigerators. On the small end are the tiny 424 Wine Storage cooler – available both built-in and free-standing – and the 2000 dollar 315W Wine Storage – a very narrow appliance at only a little over 15 inches in width.
As well as these. Sub Zero also manufactures some full height wine bars. These include the 27 inch 427 and 427R Wine Refrigerator units which sell for roughly $6000 dollars , and the attractive 30 inch WS-30 Wine Storage appliance. This model will likely set a buyer back between $5500 and $7000 dollars, depending on whether the WS3oO overlay of WS30STH stainless steel version is selected.
Undercounter Refrigeration

The Sub-zero range includes several 24 inch under counter refrigeration solutions. These consist of the UC-24BC Beverage Center, the $1700 UC024R All Refrigerator, the UC-24C Refrigerator/Freezer and the $2500 UC-24RO Outdoor Refrigerator.

Also available in the firms under counter fridge line-up are the 27 inch wide 700BC(I) Combination Drawers, 700BF(I) Freezer Drawers and 700BR Refrigerator Drawers models at $3500; plus the tiny 15 inch wide Sub-Zero UC-15I Ice maker which can likely be found for less than $3000 depending on if an outdoor model or drain pump is chosen.
Sub Zero Refrigerator Prices
Unfortunately, Sub Zero refridgerator prices are held close to their chest. Subzero prices and policies reflect the pricing model of many high end appliance manufacturers – namely that if you need to ask about Subzero pricing you quite likely cannot afford it. Sub Zero prices refrigerator freezers very high indeed. Please note that while we are fans of their products, here at we do not sell them – so do not have access to exact prices. However, the numbers provided above are our best estimates of late-2011 prices based on considerable research; the Sub Zero refrigerator dealers will let you know the prices they are willing and able to sell for. These figures should just be considered rough guidance for the planning stage of your purchase.
There are many reasons that the Subzero refrigerator collection is able to successfully command the price premium it does. First of these is the brand. Sub-Zero and Viking are probably the leading kitchen appliance brands sought out when wealthy shoppers undertake a no holds barred kitchen remodel. The prestige associated with the brand can also offer a bump to a homes resale value, something lesser premium brands may not offer. Secondly, Sub zero refrigerator reviews are often found in high end interior decorating magazines, which only adds to their appeal.
A family owned and operated business, Subzero/Wolf has been able to avoid commoditizing its products. By thinking in the long term the firm maintains the value of its brand. All of the Sub-Zero preservation products are manufactured and inspected in factories within the United States, which allows the company to closely monitor quality. All of this means that it is not common to find Sub Zero refrigerators for sale; however, you can occasionally get a discount by taking advantage of rebates when you purchase several different Sub Zero appliances as a package.
One final note, when you invest this much in a refrigerator it is important to take proper care of it. Use only manufacturer approved Sub Zero parts to maintain your fridge, and have any sub zero repair work done by a factory authorized repairman in order to preserve the warranty and maximize the life of your investment.
You should expect to pay thousands for even the most inexpensive Sub Zero appliances and potentially much more for some of their higher-end products; unfortunately Sub Zero refrigerator cost comparisons rarely yield pleasant surprises. Sub Zero fridge prices being what they are, these appliances are suitable for only the most discerning of customers.