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Sub Zero Parts And Maintenance

When obtaining Sub Zero parts for your refrigerator or freezer it is important to only use the very best.
The manufacturer Sub-zero recommends that repairs and servicing of Subzero refrigerators only be performed be certified Sub-Zero and Wolf service and repair partners. That said you may be able to find independent contractors who have worked with Sub Zero fridges in the past – former employees of certified dealers perhaps – to work on your refrigerator.
Is it definitely advisable to have your Sub zero service work performed by a certified Subzero parts dealer and repair person whilst your Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer remains under warranty, as any future warranty claims would likely be voided by unauthorized work.
Quality appliances such as the Sub Zero PRO-48 include numerous systems to assist you in proper care of your refrigerator. By following recommended Sub Zero maintenance schedules you can potentially avoid the need to expensive repairs later in the life of your appliance.
One of these feature is the Subzero visual service display. This electronic monitoring system tracks the ice maker and individual storage components and will flash on a SERVICE warning light if action is needed. This system also monitors the condenser so as to inform you if a cleaning is required.
Cleaning of the shelves, drawers and ice bucket are all easily facilitated by simple removal. Frequent cleaning of your refrigerator freezer by yourself or your staff is recommended for optimum performance and hygiene, and to ensure and maximum longevity of your appliances. Sub Zero recommend that vinegar is not used in cleansing, they suggest a weak solution of warm water, soap and a small amount of baking soda.
Very important is frequent replacement of your Sub Zero water filter cartridge. As provided with the PRO 49 the filter is intended for one year of use before replacement is required. A REPLACE FILTER warning indicator is provided to inform you when your water filter needs replacing. Note that if you disable your water filter – perhaps by turning off your Sub-Zero fridge, or simply bypassing the filter – for over a month if should be replace before the ice maker and water filter is restored to service. New water filters are the most commonly needed of all sub zero refrigerator parts, due to the requirement for yearly replacement.
Whether you take care of your Sub Zero refrigerator repair and maintenance yourself, through a licensed dealer, or otherwise; you will eventually find yourself in need of Sub-Zero parts. Be sure to only purchase good quality replacement parts – whether it be for your Subzero water filtration system, ice maker or otherwise – and follow all suggested maintenance procedures in a timely manner.