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Sub-Zero PRO 48 Refrigerator/Freezer Review

This kitchen is your dream come true. And nothing is going to stand in the way of perfection. You are looking for the Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigeration solution. 100% steel, dual refrigeration, and intelligent controls makes this top of the line residential model ideal. In this review we will look at the Pro 48’s features, pricing, warranty information, and give you some tips on installation.
Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator/Freezer Features

  • Installation options include standard built in, integrated, or freestanding with the freestanding accessory kit.
  • Two compressors and three evaporators make Dual Refrigeration possible, preserving freshness and preventing odor transfer.
  • Easy to read exterior, digital readouts for temperature control.
  • Up-front touch controls for your interior control panel.
  • Touch-and-glide crisper drawer with tight-seal lid.
  • Adjustable and removable dividers in drawers.
  • Cantilevered, spill-proof glass shelves with stainless steel trim.
  • Optional Triple-pane, UV-resistant glass door for the refrigerator.
  • The annual energy use is estimated at 691 kWh per year. That works out to an average $74 per year usage cost.
  • The sub-Zero Pro 48 ships at 860 pounds (875 pounds with the optional glass door).
  • It is UL approved for the US and Canada.
  • Star-K Kosher certifies the Pro 48 as Sabbath and holiday compliant.
  • Automatic ice maker
  • Water filter.
  • Temperature range of -5F to +5F for the freezer, and 34F to 45F for the refrigerator.

Sub-Zero Pricing
Sub-Zero pricing just might freeze your blood, which is why they do not list their prices online but send you to your local dealer. You can try running a Google search for Sub-Zero prices, but you’ll probably be left out in the cold. In the end, your best bet is probably to use their store locator on the Sub-Zero site. When you do call your dealer, be prepared to hear a price somewhere near $13,000. One advantage of working with a local dealer is that you can arrange delivery and installation from the same company that you make your purchase with.
Pro 48 Warranty Information
There are a couple of warranty options presented at the top of Sub-Zero’s warranty page. They are the Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty, and the Full One Year Warranty. These are described below, but you will want to read the rest of the warranty information on their site in order to understand all the exclusions and conditions.
Sub-Zero’s Full Five Year Sealed System Warranty starts on the original date of installation. It will cover all parts and labor to repair or replace any components proven to be defective due to materials or workmanship in the sealed system. This sealed system is described as the compressor, condenser, evaporator, drier and all connecting tubing.
The Full One year Warranty also starts on the date of original installation. It covers all parts and labor necessary to repair or replace any part of the product which proves to be defective due to materials or workmanship.
Installing your Sub-Zero Pro 48 Refrigerator/Freezer
The cost of professional installation will be negligible compared to protecting your new Pro 48 investment. With that in mind, check with your local sub-Zero retailer for installation options available for you. If, for some reason, they do not have delivery and installation available, then you may want to consider finding a reliable contractor to help you. 860 pounds is a lot of weight, and that’s not something you want to fully realize only when your $13,000 refrigerator crashes into your new cabinets.