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Sub Zero 736-TCI Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a variety of options which makes it popular with many consumers. This combination refrigerator freezer is designed with a pull out freezer on the bottom, and the fridge can come with the door hinged on the right or the left depending on the personal preference of the buyer. The 736TCI is considered a high end model and offers several unique features that make it especially popular among many consumers.
This model comes with a total volume of 20.6 cubic feet, and includes 13.7 cubic feet for fresh food, and 6.9 cubic feet of freezer space. The inside refrigerator shelves are made from glass, and there is a specific shelf just for eggs. This model does come with an automatic ice maker for convenience, and the base design is a classic stainless steel appearance, with the door hinges hidden to increase the aesthetic beauty or make it easier to match with a kitchen set up through the use of panels.
This strikes at the single detail that most sub zero refrigerator reviews agree is one of the best and most popular features of the 736-TCI: panel ready set up. While at its most basic design this refrigerator freezer gives a classic stainless steel look, this Sub Zero refrigerator freezer is designed to accept paneling which means you can custom design a panel to make the fridge fit in completely with any kitchen set up. This appliance can match the cupboards, match the woodwork in the house, and fit in as if it had been customized just for your own kitchen and home.
A few other really important points that a good Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer fridge review should include would be that these appliances are Energy Star rated and Star-K certified. In addition, the automatic defrost on the freezer makes maintenance much easier, and the refrigerator section even has temperature zones, allowing for colder sections for foods that need a little bit more. Because of this the vegetables and leftovers can stay fresh without the annoyance of seeing a thin layer of ice form on the Kool Aid or milk.
These are not commercially rated appliances, however they are considered pretty high level for consumer strength fridges and freezers. If you’re not working on a strict budget that requires you to find a diamond in the rough type of deal, then the 736-TCU Sub Zero model might be out of your price range. However if you are looking for a very high quality appliance and can spend the money on the best available to consumers, this is definitely a refrigerator freezer worth checking out.