Freezer Bins

Freezer bins are storage compartments that are often found built into the freezer compartment of standalone upright freezers and traditional refrigerator freezers. Their close cousin – the freezer basket – is more often found in deep chest freezers.
The difference between freezer bins and freezer baskets is rather arbitrary, many people use the terms interchangeably so it is important to be aware of what type of storage basket is being referred to when a particular phrase is used.
More often than not, when someone refers to a freezer bin they are referring to a plastic basket. These usually come with an upright freezer fridge freezer unit and are part of the built in storage system. Often times they are removable, adjustable and sometimes even have slides.
Another common distribution feature is that freezer bins are often door mounted. You will see many freezer door bin offerings from manufacturers such as Frigidaire refrigerators. This in particular marks them as being suited for upright freezers, as the chest freezers do not really have a door for you to mount bins or baskets on.
The term freezer basket is often used for storage containers purchased for use in deep chest freezers. These larger freezes typically require more robust storage solutions and these baskets may potentially need to be stacked. For this reason stackable freezer baskets for deep chest freezers are usually made of wire for extra strength.

One type of specialize freezer bin that many people find useful is a Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Bin. These come in very handy if your refrigerator freezer does not contain an ice dispenser.
Simply create ice using regular ice cube trays, and once the ice is formed dump the contents of the tray into the ice cube bin. Rinse and repeat until you have filled up the been with ice, this is a great bulk ice storage solution for those who haven’t freezer without some of the high-end ice dispenser functionality.
Amazon has a wide variety of freezer bin options for you to choose from.