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The SMEG Refrigerator – Classic Retro

Creating a theme with your kitchen design has become a popular way to give your home a truly unique style. Some of the most popular choices are vintage and retro looks using pieces from the 1950’s and 1960’s. The easiest and most affordable way to recreate this look is to use accessories, dishes and other tableware. However, if you want to go “all out” and add vintage home appliances, a SMEG refrigerator is the perfect addition (and replacement) for your existing fridge.
The History of the SMEG Refrigerator
An Italian manufacturing company, Vittorio Bertazoni founded SMEG in 1948. The name SMEG is actually an abbreviation for the full name of the business – Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Still owned and operated by the Bertazoni family, they are best known for their uniquely styled home appliances. Some of the most popular designs today include the SMEG 50’s style refrigerator, which perfectly replicate the look and feel of the era.
Smeg FAB28U 9.22 cu. ft. 50's Style Refrigerator with Antibacterial Interior, Ice Compartment and Adjustable Glass Shelves
Buying a Vintage Refrigerator
Individuals who want to recreate a vintage and retro look and feel in their kitchen have limited options when it comes to purchasing products. In many cases, vintage home appliances have to be bought used and restored to original condition. While this can be a satisfying choice for collectors who prefer original pieces, this can be expensive. Also, depending on your location finding the right 1950’s or 1960’s era piece can be difficult. A buyer’s selection is limited to online collectors and auctions, thrift stores, antique shops and other specialty dealers. However, the SMEG 50’s style refrigerator gives individuals another option. This retro appliance line is an exact replica of the original with gently curved lines and colored in the pastel green, blue, yellow and other hues that were popular during this era. These new vintage refrigerators look and feel exactly like the original – and the SMEG fridge product line gives you the option to purchase new appliances instead of restored items.
The Cost of SMEG Refrigerators
The biggest concern when making an addition like this to the home is cost. Accessorizing with various vintage items from the 50’s and 60’s is more affordable because it can be done gradually with the addition of individual pieces or a set. Buying a large kitchen appliance is a bit more of a cost commitment, and the price of SMEG refrigerators is no exception. The average cost is around $2000 and does not include shipping or handling. Compared to the price of an average fridge, which starts at around $350 and may only include delivery (if requested); buying a SMEG refrigerator is significantly more expensive. But for those who love the look and feel of retro home appliances – it is well worth the extra investment. And compared to a restored vintage fridge, which average around $4000 or more depending on the model and amount of restoration required, buying a new SMEG appliance can save homeowners a significant amount of money.
Finding a SMEG Home Appliance Retailer
Because this manufacturer is located in Italy, it is easier to find retailers if you live in Europe or the United Kingdom. Individuals who live in the United States may have a harder time finding this appliance in stores. The best place to start is SMEG USA, which provides a list of retailers that sell SMEG refrigeration units. If any of these locations are not near you, Sears offers SMEG fridges that can be shipped directly to the store for pickup, which can save on shipping costs. Still can’t find the right 50’s style fridge? Search for sellers of SMEG refrigerators online or buy directly from the company website. But before you buy, make sure to consider the shipping and handling costs. This can significantly increase the overall cost of the product depending on your location and the time frame for shipment.
Recreating the look of a 50’s and 60’s era kitchen can be a fun pastime for enthusiasts of the era and serious collectors of retro items. While it is easy and affordable to use vintage or replica accessories to recreate the look, why not take a leap and recreate the whole style. Purchasing a SMEG 50’s style vintage look refrigerator can complete the look of your kitchen theme, and turn you kitchen from a theme room to a true conversation piece.