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Comparing Sharp Refrigerator Models

Shopping for a fridge can often be a worrisome and headache filled task. After all, a fridge is an expensive investment that your family will rely on every single day. Luckily, there are some brands of appliances that you can turn to when you do not know where to start looking for your next fridge. Sharp, a company that has been producing appliances since 1912, has been a trusted brand in households for almost one hundred years. Taking a look at Sharp refrigerators is a good way to begin your next appliance hunt.
Sharp SJF60 Models
This French door style refrigerator has been a go-to for many households who want the side by side feature. The internal shelf width of 77 centimeters means that you will have room to store anything from large party platters to jugs of milk. The tempered glass shelving is removable, allowing you to clean up messes easily. These shelves are also easy to adjust in height to accommodate larger items. The lower half of this fridge is divided into drawers that help maintain crispness and freshness of vegetables and fruit. The freezer is pull-out, with about half of the storage volume as the fridge. This model comes in brushed silver, white, regular silver, or stainless steel finishes.
Overall, customers seem happy with this model. They enjoy the ease and convenience of the shelving design as well as the ample space for food items. Users also love the separated freezer drawers that allow separation of meat and veggies. Do not worry about the ice maker, as customers have no problems. Some, though, comment that some door finishes are easy to dent and scratch, although this is common with all stainless steel appliances.
Sharp SJF602/SJF653 Models
For those who are looking to spend a little more on a fridge, consider looking into this model of Sharp fridge. This four door fridge contains more features than the Sharp model listed above, many that are a perfect solution to many household problems. For example, a child lock will help keep wandering hands out of your food. The “holiday” mode can help cool food more efficiently while you go in and out of your fridge often during the holiday season. This fridge is also a little larger than the previous model, the fridge and freezer sections both larger. This model comes in a basic black finish and also a black stainless steel, which customers explain is easily cleaned with a vinegar solution.
According to Sharp refrigerator reviews, users seem very pleased with this model of fridge. Many customers claim their food is kept fresh longer with the ionizing system built in to this model. Although this fridge costs more than other models, “it seems like money well spent” one mother commented. Shelving, though, is not so easily removed for cleaning. Another user had to replace the LED lights after about three months, a service that requires a professional. This was covered by a two year warranty, though, but could be a problem in the future.
The Sharp Name
Overall, there are some considerations to keep in mind when dealing with any Sharp products. First and foremost, customer service and support in some areas is almost non-existent. Thus, before purchasing any model of Sharp refrigerators, look and see if there is a certified dealer and repair shop in your area. Even if you do have a repairman nearby, some customers still complain of parts and services taking a long time. If you do have a service shop nearby and do not mind waiting a while for service, feel good investing in these refrigerators, as customers seem happy with a quality investment.