Currys Fridge Freezers: A Popular UK Retailer

Not everyone is familiar with Currys fridge freezers. Currys is an extremely popular retailer in the United Kingdom well known for selling electronics. However, they don’t just sell electronics like computers and stereos and other electronics like that. They also offer a very wide range of refrigerators and freezers to the general public throughout the UK and Ireland.
Currys refrigerators and freezers are extremely popular nowadays, but the early history of this company started a long way from these appliances. The company was founded in 1884 by Henry Curry who started out by building bicycles full time out of a backyard shed and then eventually a street store front. From these humble beginnings they would eventually expand into a general retail store, even stopping the manufacturing of bikes in the 1930s and growing to over 500 stores.
The move to becoming known for sales on refrigerators and freezers was a natural part of growth and expansion, and as these technologies formed and became common place for every home. Currys carries multiple brands, although the majority of Currys refrigerators will be manufactured by Beko, Daewoo, Fisher & Payekl, Indesit, LG, Samsung, Sharp, or Whirlpool. While you might find a freezer or fridge that isn’t from one of these manufacturers, there’s no question that they will make up the fall majority (if not all) of a Currys store options for these appliances.
Currys offers over seventy fridge freezers to choose from, and from this variety you should have no problem finding one that meets all of your home needs. While popular models are going to vary from year to year, some are consistently among consumer favorites. One such model is the very inexpensive Essentials C155CW10 Fridge Freezer because it comes in as the only Curry fridge freezer that costs under 200 British Pounds. This is consistently the most popular model based on sales numbers.
What surprises many people is that the second most popular model of refrigerator freezers from Currys is the Hotpoint FF200LBP Fridge Freezer, which can retail for as high as 600 British Pounds. This is definitely a high end model which advertises using the most up to date refrigeration and cooling technology to keep food fresher for longer. Like the inexpensive Essentials model, this Curry refrigerator freezer combination comes in the standard freezer bottom refrigerator top design with simple white finish.
The most expensive brands offered by this company run at $1,300 British Pounds retail, and two models share this distinction: the Fisher & Paykel E522BRXU Smart upright model and the Liebherr CNESF5113 stainless steel fridge freezer. These are the highest level of consumer strength refrigerator freezers offered through Curry retail stores, and both come in extra large sizes that include room for individual eggs, a small rack for wine, as well as other similar perks which make these units attractive for many upper class families.
While the brands and models may change over time, Curry fridge freezers offer a wide range from the simple and inexpensive basic models for most people to higher end consumer models produced by Fisher & Paykel and  Liebherr for individuals looking for more out of their refrigeration units.