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Mini Refrigerators From Walmart – A Budget Alternative

Purchasing a mini fridge from Walmart can solve a variety of needs. These products can do everything from increase refrigeration space, add convenient storage, accommodate small spaces and make traveling easier. While a beverage refrigerator can be purchased at any major retailer or appliance store, Wal-Mart can offer consumers low cost brand name products that can match (and frequently beat) the lowest prices on the market. But what kind of mini refrigerators does this retailer offer, and how can you find the perfect product for your home?
Choosing the Perfectly Sized Mini Fridge from Walmart
Before you buy a new mini fridge for your home or dorm, it is essential you know where the unit will be placed and the space available. The smallest fridge designs offered by Wal-Mart are between 1.1 and 1.7 cubic feet. Ideal for people who do not need to extensively expand their refrigeration space, these cheap mini fridge models can offer the perfect solution. In fact, many of these manufactures (including Igloo, Black & Decker and Haier) include a small freezer section in their design, making these units extremely versatile regardless of where they are placed in your living space. If you opt for a cooler then you can also get Igloo cooler parts after purchase.
If this size does not offer enough storage space, consider mid-size models that are sized up to 3.2 cubic feet, which are ideal for underneath bar and countertop areas. Still not enough? Consider larger Walmart fridge units which offer up to 4.6 cubic feet of refrigeration and freezer space. These models are perfect for living spaces such as a den, game room or family room, giving family and friends access to cold food and beverages without ever having to leave.
The Portable Mini Refrigerator Walmart Solutions – Perfect  for Travel and Small Spaces
What if you need a Walmart mini refrigerator that fits really small spaces, such as an office corner or desktop? Or do you need to keep food or drinks cold on a road-trip or tailgating party, and a cooler won’t suffice? A portable mini fridge can offer the perfect solution to this problem. Wal-Mart offers several types, and most versions are affordably priced starting well under $100. Used in the office, they can be plugged into the wall and fit easily on top of or underneath your desk, or easily accommodate the tiny corner space of your cubicle. When traveling, the temperature can be easily adjusted with a thermostat and plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter, so your food or beverages will never get warm – even during the longest trips or tailgating parties. While the portable mini fridge is affordable, easy to transport and able to fit the smallest spaces, keep in mind their portable size imposes storage limitations. Most units are able to accommodate 6 to 28 cans of soda, with more expensive models offering the most space and versatility.
Affordable, Brand Name Small Refrigerators Walmart Style

Wal-Mart has always been associated with low cost, affordable products for individuals and families. When it comes to finding affordable mini fridge prices, this retailer can offer a range that fits any budget. A small beverage refrigerator or portable mini fridge can be purchased for under $100. Most mid-size and larger models will cost under $150, but the price can be a high as $300 depending on the brand name and features. But before you shop, don’t think the low price will leave you with a generic or no-name brand. Some of the more popular brands of small refrigerator Walmart offers include Igloo, Danby, GE and Black & Decker.
Small Freezers Walmart Style
Not only is there a healthy selection of Walmart refrigerator options available to consumers, there are also small walmart freezers available for purchase. One great mini freezer Walmart offers is the Haier 5.0 cubic foot deep freezer.
Disadvantages of Buying a Mini Fridge Walmart Style

The biggest limitation consumers are faced with is the limited in-store availability of Walmart refrigerators. Another obstacle is the cost of shipping, which is based on the size, weight and delivery time of the product. But with every problem, there is a solution! If you want to preview a mini refrigeration unit before you buy, head to a major retailer or appliance store that carries the same make and model in stock. While this will add a bit of time to your shopping and decision making process, you will be able to see exactly what you are purchasing. Also, if you are concerned about the cost of shipping, do not have the mini fridge delivered to your home. Instead, select the site-to-store option during the checkout process. The unit will then be delivered to the closest Walmart to your home – saving you the shipping cost, which can drastically increase the overall price of the product.
Compared to many major retailers and appliance stores, the mini fridges Walmart offers have some of the lowest prices available to consumers. In these tough economic times, finding a practical product that is affordable and durable is becoming an important part of the purchasing process. But with the wide variety of costs and styles mentioned above, there are few reasons why buying a mini fridge from Walmart is not the perfect solution.

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Bar Fridges

Whether you enjoy entertaining guests or not, bar fridges can be a great enhancement to your home. They serve many purposes, and are wonderful additions to any room where you like to have cold beverages on hand.
Many people, when they think of bar fridges, erroneously think they require a mini bar. This is not true, a bar fridge is for everyone.
While it is true there are truly spectacular specialist ‘display bar fridges’ designed for the home with the full built-in bar; you do not need such a bar to get the benefits a bar refrigerator provides.
Many homeowners utilize a mini fridge and a shelf as a substitute for the bar they do not have. The mini bar fridge holds your mixes – orange juice, coke, sprite and the like. On the shelf you line up your favorite liquors.
If you purchase a nice model, your bar fridge may actually be a bar fridge freeze. Now your do it yourself bar has ice cubes too. Just train your significant other to prepare your drinks and life will be looking pretty darn good!
A bar fridge does not have to be actually labeled as such by a manufacturer. There are many compact fridge freezers available that will serve you just as well. Really any mini fridge can be repurposed to serve the role of the – usually more expensive – special purpose bar fridges.
Another great feature small bar refrigerators provide is portability. If your bar fridge is in the game room but you decide to host a pool party over a holiday weekend, you can still make use of it. Simply unplug the unit and it is now a portable fridge. Take it outside, plug it in – first make sure it is not going to rain – and you an outdoor bar fridge for the duration of your event!
Like all refrigerators, bar fridges have an ongoing cost in electrical use. Make sure you only purchase a model with the Energy Star label. Even if it costs a little more you will save on your utilities.
Speaking of electricity, most bar fridges are powered from regular mains power. But there is a truly flexible option some people might want to consider; namely purchasing a 3-way fridge to serve as their bar fridge. While serving its normal role it remains plugged into a wall outlet. However, when you are ready to make your fridge portable, you have the ability to power it from both 12v DC and Propane. Now you truly have a useful appliance!
Many great manufacturers produce mini fridges suitable for bar use. Danby, LG, Kenmore, Maytag and Samsung are just a small sampling of the brands available. A GE bar fridge can be a great purchase also. If the thought of a 3-way bar fridge appeals to you then consider the Waeco and Norcold lines. If none of these appeal there is also the option of buying a Kegerator.
The inclusion of any of these great bar fridges into your home will make the cold beverage of your choice much more accessible. Of course, to truly make the most of your new bridge you need some great beers – if you have ever considered home brewing then click here to learn the tips of the trade!

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3 Way Camping Fridge

For families that love to camp, one of the most useful items of equipment they can own is a 3 way camping fridge. The beauty of a mini portable fridge for camping purposes is that you can cool food and drinks away from home. When that fridge is a three way model, you can power it almost anywhere!
These camp refrigerators are referred to as ‘3 way’ because they run on any of three different power sources. You choose the power according to what is available to your 3 way camping refrigerator at any given time.
The best choice, of course, is to run your fridge off 110V – or whatever your local voltage is -mains power. When shore power is available to power your electronics, it is usually available in unlimited quantities. When running from mains your camping fridge can run non-stop and you will have no concerns about running out of fuel.
For those camping locations where shore power is not available, the next best choice is to run the 3 way fridge on propane. Most 3 way camping fridges are designed to be very efficient when powered by LPG, so a small tank can last you quite some time. Because of this propane camp refrigerators are ideal for extended camping trips in remote locations. Propane fridges are also great if you want a permanent fridge for an off-grid cabin.
The final power source three way camping fridges can utilize is 12V DC. The usual source of this is your vehicles battery. The chief drawback to this means of power is that you can quickly drain your starter battery if you leave the fridge plugged in too long without the engine running. This makes 12V DC refrigeration best suited for use while your vehicle is actually on the road. There are solutions to improve the viability of 12V for your refrigerators – dual battery setups, solar panels – but they do not come cheap.
There can be no doubt that the addition of a 3 way camping fridge freezer can really add a lot of pleasure and enjoyment to your next camping trip or adventure.
These fridges will allow you to maintain chilled food and drinks on just about any camping trip you can imagine, and are a great addition to your camping sites facility list. A lesser camping refrigeration solution does not have 3 way capability will give you fewer options, and may leave you without cooling capabilities in some circumstances.
As discussed, the great flexibly in powering these fridges is what makes them so popular. If you are in the market for a 3 way camping fridge, one of these units is definitely worthy of consideration.

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Dorm Refrigerators and Fridges

For a college student without a dorm fridge it can be royally painful to keep yourself stocked up on decent food at a reasonable price. There are all sorts of unhealthy food options a lot more readily available than anything that could be considered remotely healthy. The price you pay of eating the ‘convenient’ food can be measure both in pounds gained, and dollars spent.
One way to help trim this problem is to get a dorm refrigerator or dorm freezer for your room. Here a few thoughts about dorm fridges to consider
Size and Style
There are several types of mini fridge ideal for use as a dorm refrigerator freezer. Small portable fridges, compact fridges and bar fridges will all serve that purpose well. A lot of these fridges are only three feet high, and have a small footprint. You can use the top of the fridge for storage of non-food items, so this type of unit is ideal for a small dorm room.
Haier produces a large range of dorm refrigerators, starting at around one hundred dollars on up. You can get a mini fridge from Haier that is only 1.7 cubic feet. If your available space – and budget – permits, they have a slightly bigger refrigerator that is a tad less than 5 cubic feet in size.
The ever popular GE has a selection of compact fridges with similar sizes to the Haier range. The GE refrigeratorss cost a few bucks more, but you are getting the advantage of a well-established brand.
Danby and Igloo are other well regarded brands; though I would recommend an actual Igloo fridge over the use of an Igloo cooler in your dorm room.
Yes, you heard me right. Spending money on a portable fridge for your dorm room can actually save you money in the long run. Pizza delivery – and quick trips to McDonalds – gets very expensive very fast. Having decent food available to eat in your room can cut back this expense considerably, always a plus on a college student’s budget.
Healthy Convenience
With one of these useful dorm refrigerators close at hand, you will no longer have to go out trying to find something to eat or drink when you really should be studying for that final or working on papers. No more trudging to the cafeteria, vending machine or fast food outlet to satisfy that late night snack attack.
As you can see, the addition of a compact dorm fridge with freezer to your room has lots of benefits. It may seem difficult to cough up a bunch of cash for something so mundane as one of these mini fridges, but in the long run you will get that money back through the savings you reap!

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3 Way Fridge — Versatile Cooling

The 3 way fridge is one of the most popular choices for use as a camping refrigerator.
So exactly what is a 3 way refrigerator? The ‘3 Way’ in the title relates to the 3 different power sources these small portable fridge freezers can operate on. Usually they can be powered by any of the following: 12V direct current, mains power alternating current and LPG gas.
3 Way Fridges can be powered using 12V DC, such as that found within a car battery. As when powering a car fridge, limited battery life is a drawback. If you operate the 3 way refrigerator too long without the car running, you can run down your starter battery leaving you stranded.
A regular power outlet, or mains power option, for powering a 3 way camping fridge is very useful. This is the same power source a standard in house refrigerator uses. By liberating the operator from the restrictions of their car battery, they can run the fridge full time. Of course, the related drawback is that mains power is not always available everywhere you might want to run your 3 way refrigerator.
The third power option is the use of LPG gas. Generally propane – but sometimes butane – is used. Having this final power source available lets a three way fridge owner fill in the gaps when electricity to power the refrigerator is not available. Running the camping fridge off gas does, of course, require that the owner keep a supply of gas on hand.
The key to the popularity of the 3 way camp fridges is their versatility. With the three means of powering them that are available, the owner will always have an option to keep the fridge freezer running anywhere. This flexibility is what distinguishes them from their chief competition, the 12v fridge freezer.
For a cookout in the backyard the fridge can be plugged into the mains power. On a road trip, the owner can have a supply of cold drinks available by running the fridge from the car battery. Finally, when camping in a remote destination – like one might find on a 4WD off road trip – the propane option can be used to power your 3 way fridge freezer.
Probably the best known manufacturer of 3 way camping fridges is Dometic; so if these devices sound like something you might want to buy, you might start with their model line. Another well known manufacturer is Waeco refrigeration – a subsidiary of Dometic. Also worth considering are Norcold and Engel.
If you are looking to buy a portable mini fridge, and want to ensure your fridge can be used in as many location as possible, you should definitely consider the purchase of a 3 way fridge.