All About Coleman Coolers

Whether you are looking for a wheeled cooler, a chest cooler, a marine cooler, a soft-shelled cooler, or any other variety large or small – look no further than Coleman. The Coleman Company has coolers covered, and their wide variety of inventory, quality products, and history of success are sure to stack up to any cooler need.
Product Options
Coleman’s line of Party Stacker Coolers is extensive in itself. Their idea is simple: Coleman creates coolers that easily stack so the party never runs dry or goes hungry, reserves are stacked underneath! Also great for storage purposes, every cooler in this line integrates the innovative stacking design. Fifteen different options, from an easy to handle 2 Gallon Jug in blue or red, to a 50 Qt Wheeled option and every size in between in red, blue, green or brown. In addition to the party stacker line of Coleman Coolers, there is the Steel Belted line, (a sleek retro spin on the original from 1954) the Xtreme line, (amazingly can keep ice up to six days in 90 degree temperatures!) a selection of soft sided, chest, personal, jugs & beverage, marine, and thermoelectric coolers. Overall the inventory of Coleman Cooler options numbers over one hundred. They also manufacture can holders (commonly known as “koozies”) and replacement parts should a handle or hinge need replacing.
Quality to Last
The chance of needing replacement parts under normal use is slim, however. Coleman coolers are high quality products, well designed and well tested in the research and development phase before put to manufacture. A limited warranty covers defects within a certain period of purchase date. This length of time can vary by product so be sure to double-check this info if there is concern on coverage. Another thing to keep in mind is that Coleman requires proof of purchase to honor any warranty. They will also need a return authorization, which can be obtained by calling them directly at 1-800-835-3278 prior to mailing the cooler back. But all and all the superior construction should not disappoint.
About Coleman
Coleman Company revolutionized the cooler industry in 1957 by introducing the “bubble” technology that is still used today. The process was groundbreaking at the time; heated sheet plastic was formed into the shape and size of the cooler and snapped into place, creating a lighter and more efficient cooler that would not sweat and rust out like previous metal models. To date Coleman Company manufactures over 15 million products a year, including the over one hundred models of coolers.
Coleman coolers undoubtedly can be confidently taken into the outdoors, be it picnicking, camping, tail gating, boating or any other number of other recreational activities. The extensive design options ensure there is a cooler for any imaginable need. The high quality of manufacture backed by warranty means there is nothing to worry about structurally. The reputation and innovation of the Coleman Company seals the deal, a brand to be trusted.