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Comparing Three Models of Miniature and Full Size Outdoor Refrigerator

Buying an outdoor fridge is an important investment that should not be taken lightly. Thus, paying attention to weatherproofing and construction is vital to making sure you get the best mini or full size outdoor refrigerator. After finding out what you’re looking for in a fridge, shopping around for potential models is the best way to find the perfect appliance for you.

What to Look for in an Outdoor Fridge
An outdoor fridge is a great way to have a cool beverage at hand on a summer’s day or to keep cocktail components chilled at a pool party. When shopping around for your outdoor refrigerator, there are many different things to keep in mind:

  • Weather and Water proofing: For any appliance that will be outdoors, make sure that all electrical components are safe from weather and water. Thus, make sure to read product descriptions before a big purchase.
  • Sealants: In the same vein as weather proofing, pay close attention to all sealants of your outdoor fridge.
  • Power: Knowing the wattage and amperage of your outdoor fridge is important to ensuring that your appliance will work properly.

For maintaining an outdoor fridge, paying special attention to your specific area is vital to making sure that your appliance will last as long as possible. First, know that you won’t be able to keep your outdoor appliances outside during all seasons of the year. Even though these fridges are made for outdoor use, excessive exposure to cold and water will damage the electrical and structural component of your appliance.
Koolatron Coca-Cola Refrigerator
This fun Coca-Cola Fridge is a great addition to any Coca Cola lover’s collection or a causal patio conversation piece. This model of fridge is also portable, perfect for transporting up to 28 cans of soda. You can even store this model of miniature outdoor fridge on a countertop with about 14 inch square dimensions.

EdgeStar Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator
This stainless steel outdoor refrigerator model holds up to 3.5 cubic feet of food and beverage. With a one year parts warranty and ninety day labor insurance, you can also feel good knowing that the company will take care of its product. This outdoor fridge also has adjustable and completely removable shelving. As for temperature, the fridge ranges from 35 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, with “off,” “cold,” and “coolest” settings. Install this fridge either free standing or under-counter.

Summit Outdoor Refrigerator
The Summit outdoor fridge is a little larger than the previous model, holding up to 5.5 cubic feet of space. This model is also a freestanding stainless steel model, matching almost any outdoor décor. The key lock is perfect for keeping unwanted hands out of your food and beverages and the ground fault circuit interrupter adds another element of safety.
Choosing an Outdoor Fridge
Whether you’re shopping around for a miniature or full size outdoor refrigerator, there are many different things to take into consideration First, make sure that your appliance will be able to stand up to the elements in your area. After that, shop around for the best model for you needs. Always remember that an outdoor fridge isn’t meant to be stored outside during the off season, so bring all appliances indoors to maintain the best product life of your outdoor investment.