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A Guide to Refrigerator Sizes

When picking out a refrigerator, the main feature that everyone looks for is the size. More than anything else, the size determines which refrigerator will be best suited to you. Here is a guide to assist you in learning about the various refrigerator sizes and the benefits of each.
Measure the Dimensions of your Refrigerator Install Space
The first step in choosing the right refrigerator dimensions involves measuring the height and width of the place where you want to position the refrigerator. You must also consider the things that the refrigerator will need, such as a location that is near a power outlet. If you are buying a fridge with a built-in ice maker, then you will also need access to a water line and water filter.
Refrigerator Sizes
How Large is Your Family?
Another factor that determines the right refrigerator size would be the number of household members. The bigger your family size, the bigger refrigerator you need. You must also consider the number and kind of things that you want to store in the fridge. The size determines the storage capacity of your refrigerator. If your family drinks a lot of milk or soda, you will need a large refrigerator to keep it all cold.
Different Types of Fridge Freezers
Refrigerators are classified according to fridge size and capability. A standard size refrigerator is the typical size of refrigerator that is used by most families. There are four basic styles of standard refrigerators, namely top-mount freezer refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, bottom mount refrigerators, and French door refrigerators.
Standard Refrigerator Size Guide for Top Mounts
The top mount refrigerator has an eye level freezer and is the most common fridge on the market, the size of these units is generally somewhere between 29 inches and 36 inches in width, between 62 inches and 69 inches in height, and roughly 26 top 28 inches in depth. This standard fridge size is large enough for a medium size family, but will not provide a lot of extra capacity. If you do not purchase large amounts of groceries at once, these units can be a good choice. While is it hard to define a set of ‘standard refrigerator dimensions’, these models are a good starting point and can probably be considered the standard family size fridge.
Fridge Sizes for Side-by-Side Refrigerators
On a side by side refrigerator, the fridge and freezer compartments are adjacent to each other, allowing easy access to each part. You might expect this to mean that these units are wider than top mounted freezer units, but the individual compartments are usually quite narrow. The width of these units ranges from 32 to 37 inches – only slightly more than top mounts – but they are usually slightly taller, with heights sometimes topping 70 inches. They are also often slightly deeper, with depths ranging from 28 to 30 inches. Counter depth models may only have a depth of 24 inches, and the capacity of those units is reduced accordingly.
Refrigerator Size Guide for Bottom Mount Refrigerators
A bottom mount fridge is a unique refrigerator that has the freezer on the bottom to allow it to cool faster. These units are almost directly comparable in size to top mount freezer units; they are the same basic design flipped upside down. Note that this type of model is generally more expensive than top mounts, and premium brands often sell built-in French door style bottom freezer models that have a depth of 24 inches, but can reach heights of up to 84 inches. These French door type fridges have dual fridge doors with a freezer drawer that you can easily pull out to get to the food. It is also very easy to see what is inside this type of freezer.
Small Refrigerator Dimensions
An apartment size refrigerator is smaller than the standard size and is designed to fit in a small kitchen. These are amongst the best size of refrigerator investments for couples who do not have children or small families. They are small enough to fit in spaces where a standard fridge will not go, but large enough to hold a decent amount of food.
For college students, a mini refrigerator is usually the best option. The mini fridge is a space-saving refrigerator that is useful for dorms, motels, and apartments. Its size ranges from as small as 1.5 cubic feet to as big as 5.5 cubic feet. A small refrigerator like this can easily be placed under countertops and concealed in your home bar. This size of fridge is also referred to as a compact refrigerator.
A refrigerator is an important appliance in your home, and you should consider your options carefully before selecting one. Hopefully this rundown of refrigerators by size has given you enough knowledge about the types and sizes of refrigerators to enable you to easily find the perfect fridge.

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Mini Refrigerators From Walmart – A Budget Alternative

Purchasing a mini fridge from Walmart can solve a variety of needs. These products can do everything from increase refrigeration space, add convenient storage, accommodate small spaces and make traveling easier. While a beverage refrigerator can be purchased at any major retailer or appliance store, Wal-Mart can offer consumers low cost brand name products that can match (and frequently beat) the lowest prices on the market. But what kind of mini refrigerators does this retailer offer, and how can you find the perfect product for your home?
Choosing the Perfectly Sized Mini Fridge from Walmart
Before you buy a new mini fridge for your home or dorm, it is essential you know where the unit will be placed and the space available. The smallest fridge designs offered by Wal-Mart are between 1.1 and 1.7 cubic feet. Ideal for people who do not need to extensively expand their refrigeration space, these cheap mini fridge models can offer the perfect solution. In fact, many of these manufactures (including Igloo, Black & Decker and Haier) include a small freezer section in their design, making these units extremely versatile regardless of where they are placed in your living space. If you opt for a cooler then you can also get Igloo cooler parts after purchase.
If this size does not offer enough storage space, consider mid-size models that are sized up to 3.2 cubic feet, which are ideal for underneath bar and countertop areas. Still not enough? Consider larger Walmart fridge units which offer up to 4.6 cubic feet of refrigeration and freezer space. These models are perfect for living spaces such as a den, game room or family room, giving family and friends access to cold food and beverages without ever having to leave.
The Portable Mini Refrigerator Walmart Solutions – Perfect  for Travel and Small Spaces
What if you need a Walmart mini refrigerator that fits really small spaces, such as an office corner or desktop? Or do you need to keep food or drinks cold on a road-trip or tailgating party, and a cooler won’t suffice? A portable mini fridge can offer the perfect solution to this problem. Wal-Mart offers several types, and most versions are affordably priced starting well under $100. Used in the office, they can be plugged into the wall and fit easily on top of or underneath your desk, or easily accommodate the tiny corner space of your cubicle. When traveling, the temperature can be easily adjusted with a thermostat and plugged into your vehicles cigarette lighter, so your food or beverages will never get warm – even during the longest trips or tailgating parties. While the portable mini fridge is affordable, easy to transport and able to fit the smallest spaces, keep in mind their portable size imposes storage limitations. Most units are able to accommodate 6 to 28 cans of soda, with more expensive models offering the most space and versatility.
Affordable, Brand Name Small Refrigerators Walmart Style

Wal-Mart has always been associated with low cost, affordable products for individuals and families. When it comes to finding affordable mini fridge prices, this retailer can offer a range that fits any budget. A small beverage refrigerator or portable mini fridge can be purchased for under $100. Most mid-size and larger models will cost under $150, but the price can be a high as $300 depending on the brand name and features. But before you shop, don’t think the low price will leave you with a generic or no-name brand. Some of the more popular brands of small refrigerator Walmart offers include Igloo, Danby, GE and Black & Decker.
Small Freezers Walmart Style
Not only is there a healthy selection of Walmart refrigerator options available to consumers, there are also small walmart freezers available for purchase. One great mini freezer Walmart offers is the Haier 5.0 cubic foot deep freezer.
Disadvantages of Buying a Mini Fridge Walmart Style

The biggest limitation consumers are faced with is the limited in-store availability of Walmart refrigerators. Another obstacle is the cost of shipping, which is based on the size, weight and delivery time of the product. But with every problem, there is a solution! If you want to preview a mini refrigeration unit before you buy, head to a major retailer or appliance store that carries the same make and model in stock. While this will add a bit of time to your shopping and decision making process, you will be able to see exactly what you are purchasing. Also, if you are concerned about the cost of shipping, do not have the mini fridge delivered to your home. Instead, select the site-to-store option during the checkout process. The unit will then be delivered to the closest Walmart to your home – saving you the shipping cost, which can drastically increase the overall price of the product.
Compared to many major retailers and appliance stores, the mini fridges Walmart offers have some of the lowest prices available to consumers. In these tough economic times, finding a practical product that is affordable and durable is becoming an important part of the purchasing process. But with the wide variety of costs and styles mentioned above, there are few reasons why buying a mini fridge from Walmart is not the perfect solution.

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The Mini Fridge – Why A Mini Refrigerator Might Be Right For You

A compact mini fridge is a popular purchase for those who live in small residences such as dorm rooms or studio apartments. Usually when shopping for a mini refrigerator, budget is one of the primary concerns. Fortunately, mini refrigerators can be had cheaper than you might think.
Mini fridges suitable for cooling beverages can be purchased online from retailers such as Amazon for as little as forty to sixty dollars. If finances permit, then for a hundred dollars or so it is possible to get a unit that can store some food as well.
While these mini fridge freezers are significantly cheaper than full sized ones, the price of these small fridges new still puts them beyond the reach of many. Fortunately, they are often available used for a significant discount – either through your local newspapers classified section, or via online sources such as Craigslist and eBay. Purchasing used can be a very smart move as it may allow you to buy a much nicer mini fridge with freezer than you might otherwise be able to afford.
The manufacture Danby produces a wide range of these mini-refrigerators, and for $140 dollars it is possible to buy the DCR34BL. This is a 3.2 cubic foot appliance that is not only a compact refrigerator, but incorporates a mini freezer as well, thus providing a very useful appliance.
Apart from Danby, there are many other manufactures of mini fridges. Some of the more notable brands are Emerson, Sanyo, Summit and Haier. Available in sizes from the absolutely tiny (perhaps fitting just a few soda cans) all the way up to 4 or 5 cubic feet in capacity, there is plenty of scope to purchase a mini refrigerator with mini freezer sized right just for you.
Another great feature of a mini fridge is their ability to double as a countertop. When your living quarters are small, every square foot is valuable. A fridge freezer with a flat top gives you a nice convenient surface for preparing sandwiches and the like. Plus when you are done with food preparation you can simply bend down and put the food back in cold storage.
One factor worthy of consideration when purchasing a mini compact fridge is the amount of energy it will utilize. Unlike a mini cooler, these devices need to be powered.
Due to the cost of electricity these days, it is definitely worthwhile investing a few extra dollars to purchase an energy star rated mini fridge. While coming up with the extra money can be difficult is money is tight, you will be better off down the road as your electrical bills will be lower.