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The Kegerator – Perfect For The Home

When it comes to choosing non-traditional home appliances, there are few that gain as much attention as the kegerator. Owning this product has many advantages, though this might not be apparent at first.
Anyone who drinks beer regularly or hosts frequent parties will typically purchase individual cans or bottles. Kegs are often not purchased because the contents spoil quickly if not consumed within a couple days. But storing a purchased keg inside a properly chilled home kegerator can preserve the taste and quality for as long as 6 months. For individuals who are home brewers and like to indulge on occasion or host parties for friends; this product can end up being a time and money saver.

What is a Kegerator?
A kegerator fridge is a beverage refrigerator that can accommodate kegs of various sizes. The average appliance can hold one large keg or two smaller ones, ranging in size from 1/4, 1/2 or full size. Attached to the top is single or double (dual) tap, which provides easy access to your drink.
Kegerator Full Size
Common manufactures of this home appliance are Haier, Kenmore, Frigidaire, EdgeStar and Danby – and they produce products ranging from $500 to $1000 or more depending on the desired features.
Kegerator Appearance
Because of the popularity of this product, special attention has been paid to its overall appearance. Both cheap kegerators and expensive designs have a streamlined appearance – and are commonly designed from stainless steel or offered in classic black or white color schemes.
The primary reason for their high end design comes from the increased demand of homeowners wishing to have an appliance that is not only functional but easily blends with the kitchen, patio or entertainment room design. While the widest selection can be found online, they are also sold at popular retailers including Best Buy, Home Depot and Sears.
Create a DIY Design with Kegerator Kits
Individuals who enjoy do-it-yourself projects and want to save money in the process should consider building their own Kegerator. While this type of unit will take a little skill to construct, it can be done by the average individual. Before starting this project, you should first learn about the basic parts needed for construction. Composed of a CO2 tank, regulator, beer line shank and faucet – the average new or used mini fridge can be easily converted into a fully functioning kegerator in a few hours’ time.
This process can save hundreds of dollars, especially if a like new beverage refrigerator can be purchased. For those who are a bit overwhelmed by this project, kegerator kits can make the building and set up process simple. The cost of one of these kits averages from $50 to $400, with the primary difference being the number of components and complexity of operation.
The Mini Kegerator – A Pint Sized Alternative
Mini Kegerator Krups B100 Beertender
If you can not accommodate a full size kegerator fridge in your home, why not consider a practical alternative? Manufacturers such as Danby, Krups, EdgeStar and Avanti offer a line of mini kegerators. These pint-sized versions of the original design hold 5 liter or mini kegs, and are designed to fit perfectly on a counter or tabletop. And these designs are just as streamlined as the larger versions.
Not only will this one of these appliances make a unique home addition for home brewers and beer lovers, it also makes a great conversation piece. And compared to full sized units, this one won’t break the bank. Costing anywhere from $100 to $300 on average, it is affordable for the individual and practical for those who enjoy home brewing as a hobby.
The kegerator comes in a wide variety of styles and prices, making it an extremely practical addition that can suit your home, lifestyle and home brewing hobby. And, you can even create your own DIY version if you like the project challenge or want to save money. This product allows beer to be stored long term, preserving the taste and quality – and could be the perfect addition to the home patio, kitchen or entertainment room for those who enjoy the taste of a nice cold beer.