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Choosing a Mini Magic Chef Refrigerator

Miniature refrigerators can be a perfect addition to many spaces in your home, office, or outdoor space. But choosing the right model for your needs and budget is vital to ensuring that you’ll love your fridge at the end of the day. While there are many makes and models to choose from, a the makers of Magic Chef refrigerator models offer a wide range of different sizes and shapes of mini coolers to choose from.
Mini Drink Cooler
For a tiny soda fridge to sit on a counter top or next to a patio set, this 1.7 cubic foot cooler is a perfect choice. But just because this fridge is small doesn’t mean it’s lacking features or functionality. There is in-door storage that fits a can of soda perfectly. A reversible door also allows users to put this mini fridge wherever is the most convenient. This fridge only comes in black or white, and easy-to-clean surface perfect for party clean-up and kids. This model also comes with a small freezer compartment that can store one or two frozen items.
Stainless Steel Under-counter Fridge
If you’re looking for a smaller fridge that can still store quite a bit of food, this Magic Chef MCBR360S mini fridge might just be the option for you. Basically, this model is the quintessential mini fridge. It contains about 3.6 cubic feet of storage space and can easily hold a half gallon of milk or a case of sodas. One customer uses this fridge to keep his employee’s lunches cool on the job, holding all four worker’s meals and drinks. The door storage unit and can dispenser are perfect for holding even more food in this appliance. Temperature control is also fairly stable, but if you keep the door open for long you will loose some cool. Customers do complain that these models can be quite loud though. Some customers also report problems with rattling, as if there is a loose screw held inside.
4.4 Cubic Foot Mini Fridge
For those interested in a little larger mini fridge with a built in freezer, give this MCBR445S2 model a look. The stainless steel appliance has glass shelving along with a can dispenser in the door to hold all of your favorite drinks. Push-button defrost is also handy to keeping your fridge the correct temperature. Overall, this model is only thirty dollars more than it’s smaller counterpart, and features much of the same build and construction that the other has. This model, though, also has the noise problem that the stainless model has. To deal with this, simply install your fridge somewhere where the noise won’t be an issue.
Choosing a Magic Chef Refrigerator
Choosing a mini fridge is no easy task, but luckily, there may be a miniature Magic Chef refrigerator out there that will fit your every need. These refrigerators come in three different sizes that can store anything from cans of soda to gallons of milk. They even have a variety of different freezer compartment to keep special food items chilly. Just be aware that these models of fridge are a little louder than most, a noise issue that could be problematic for use in some spaces or circumstances.