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Discovering The Miele Refrigerator

Miele is a brand that has long been known for quality and for providing quality service. That’s why many of those looking for a new fridge or freezer turn to the brand. But what, exactly, does Miele offer in the way of refrigerators? More importantly, is a Miele refrigerator a good investment for your household and needs? Take a look at two of the most popular models of Miele refrigerators on the market to see if this line of appliance is right for you.
Miele Independence KF1901
If you’re looking for a quality fridge that’s both well-designed and well-built, consider investing in this model of Miele refrigerator. This fridge is over the top in everything it does and is built to last. The cooling mechanism can drastically lower temperature for an extended amount of time, keeping food fresh. Each drawer also has individual cooling features. RemoteVision creates a virtual link between your appliances and a help center, Miele service representatives are available the moment a problem occurs. Well-built hinges can carry 200 pounds easily for over 200,000 door swings, mechanics designed to last. A dual compressor system also means that your fridge and freezer will be cooled as efficiently as possible. Two separate systems also mean that flavors won’t roam compartment to compartment. This fridge consumes 443 kW of energy per year.
Customers seem to simply adore this fridge. Strong hinges keep the doors in place while a “whisper quiet” motor keeps your food cool. Customers also love that each cooling unit has its own compressor to maximize cooling efficiency. Shelving is reported to be easy to remove and clean. Controls are also easy and effective, a variety of settings allowing you to customize your fridge’s performance (even to precisely suit the items you have in your fridge with MasterCool features). Overall, customers love this fridge and recommend it highly. The $8,000 price tag, though, is a setback for some.
Miele Independence K1801
Perhaps you don’t want a fridge and freezer combo for you next kitchen cooling appliance. The Miele Independence 1801 model is the perfect option for you, priced at around $5,000. Instead of having a separate fridge and freezer compartment built into one appliance, this fridge utilizes a floor-up fridge design without a freezer built in. This allows you to install your freezer separately or not at all, depending on your needs.
The main attraction to this refrigerator only model is that it contains all of the features that our previous combination model has. Both of these appliances were designed with the chef in mind. They contain ClearView, design that allows you to see every nook and cranny in your refrigerator. This model also contains MasterCool, a feature that adjusts and maintains fridge specs based on what items you have stored in your fridge. Halogen lighting also ensures that all of your fridge’s contents will be well-lighted and visible. Drop and lock shelves and drawers are also adjusted with only one hand, perfect when you’re juggling more than one task all at once.
The Miele Brand
Basically, Miele is a brand to be trusted with all of your appliances. For years, this company has produced top notch products that are investments for life. Even though these models of Miele refrigerator and freezer combos and separates are quite expensive, they’re an investment for the long run. Added features that ease storage and keep food tasting great for longer are an added bonus.