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Maytag Bottom Freezer Refrigerators

There are several different Maytag Bottom Freezer refrigerators to choose from. I will briefly discuss some of the options in this segment of the Maytag refrigerator freezer product line in this article.
The MBF2258XEB bottom freezer refrigerator is a 22 cubic foot refrigerator freezer, with just over 6 cubic feet of capacity dedicated to the freezer compartment. This fridge lists for $1300 and is available in any of black, bisque or white finishes.
Features include electronic Dual Cool to maintain optimum freshness for both fresh and frozen foods, built-in ice maker and adjustable deli drawers. The freezer in this Maytag appliance incorporates multiple glide-out freezer drawers featuring Maytag’s trademarked SmoothClose Drawer track system.
MBL2258XES and MBR2258XES
These two models are very similar to the MBF2258XEB. They list for two hundred dollars more at $1500 dollars and come with sophisticated looking stainless steel refrigerator finish. These two refrigerators are identical except for the direction of the door swing. As the names suggest the MBL2258XES swings to the left, and the MBR2258XES swings to the right.
The extra dollars for these two models buys purely cosmetic improvements – though these can be important considerations to buyers who care about having an attractive kitchen.
The Maytag EcoConserve MBF1958XES is a little smaller than the refrigerators discussed above. It has a capacity of 19 cubic feet, with roughly 5.5 cubic feet of that space assigned to the freezer unit. This bottom mount refrigerator freezer – which lists for $1450 – is available in any of black, bisque, white or stainless steel.
The major difference between the MBF1958XES and the other cheaper Maytag bottom freezers is the level of energy usage. This Maytag EcoConserve bottom-freezer uses 30% less energy than Federal energy standards mandate.  The other models only beat that goal by a – not inconsiderable – 10 percent.
With new Maytag bottom freezer refrigerators hitting the market all the time, this is one manufacturer that leads the way with cutting edge bottom mount refrigerator designs.