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Maytag Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerators come in a wide range of different styles. The Maytag refrigerator range includes models in all the following different categories – Side-by-side, French Door Bottom Freezer, Freezer on Top, Freezer on Bottom and finally Maytag Specialty Refrigeration. Within this article I explore these various Maytag refrigerator niches.
The Maytag Side-By-Side Refrigerator
At the time of writing Maytag produced a total of twelve side-by-side models, making it Maytag’s most populated category. The MSRP of the American style side-by-side refrigerators in this group range from $1000 – a quite reasonable price for the quality of a Maytag appliance – all the way up to $2300.
The Maytag French Door Bottom Freezer
French door refrigerators have acquired a reputation in recent years as being a step-up from the more traditional side-by-side refrigerator freezer.   Maytag has been following this trend with an ever growing range of refrigerators of this type, the number of models they offer is currently ten. Maytag refrigerator prices for this selection range from $1500 up to $3000.
The Maytag Freezer On Top Refrigerator
Refrigerators with the freezer on top are timeless classics. This style has been around for many years, and it still great for small kitchens that do not have space for a side-by-side or French door refrigerator. Maytag offers models of this type for buyers, with prices from $900 to $1350.
The Maytag Freezer On Bottom Refrigerator
The freezer on bottom refrigerator is another option that has been with us for a while. These somewhat narrow refrigerators retain the benefits of freezer on top models – they do not require much space – but are considered more convenient by many as the refrigerator is easily accessed without squatting. Prices on Maytag bottom freezer refrigerators range from $1300 to $1500.
Maytag Specialty Refrigeration Options
Maytag also offers a few one off refrigeration type appliances. First is the MIM1554XRS Maytag Ice Maker which lists for $1500. This narrow ice maker is less than 15 inches wide, and fits conveniently into very small spaces. It is able to produce up to 50 pounds of ice in a 24 hour cycle for occasions when rapid refill is necessary. The storage compartment allows it to hold 25lbs of ice at one time.
Second in this group comes an upscale bar refrigerator, the MBCM24FWBS Maytag Beverage Center with an MSRP of $1000. This 5.8 cubic foot refrigerator is great for use as a mini-bar refrigerator, and can be used to store a combination of both cold drinks and appropriate accompanying foods. This bar fridge is feature rich, incorporating two temperature zones. This allows the 12 bottle angled wine rack and the regular beverage shelves to be chilled at different temperatures.
Finally is the MURM24FWBS Maytag Undercounter Refrigerator. This highly efficient energy star rated under counter refrigerator comes with an attractive stainless steel finish that ensures an attractive look when installed beneath the counter of any kitchen. The 5.6 cubic foot capacity allows for convenient storage of food and drinks close to your kitchen counters, saving extra trips back forth to your kitchens primary refrigerator freezer unit.
The extensive line of Maytag refrigerators ensures that they have models ideal for every application. As with all refrigerators be sure to maintain your appliance correctly – and remember to replace Maytag refrigerator parts like the water filter when the manufactured recommends.