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Manitowoc Ice Machines

One of the largest names in the manufacture of Ice Machines is Manitowoc. While their equipment is not cheap it is certainly very capable. Even the most modest Manitowoc ice machine is capable of tremendous ice production. Some of the more popular Manitowoc icemakers are discussed below.
Manitowoc Self Contained Cube Ice Machines
SM50 – This unit looks more like a refrigerator than an ice maker, making it a great choice for situations where cosmetics are important. Coming preinstalled with a water filter it can produce 50lbs of ice per day, with storage for 25 pounds.
QM Series – These small units are at the low end of this firms’ selection. The QM30A and QM45A both retail for a little over 3000 USD. With outputs of 52 and 65 lbs/day, and a storage capacity of respectively 30 and 33lbs, these units are the perfect solution for where compact yet self contained ice production is required.
130 Series/210 Series/270 Series – A series of relatively large production ice-makers designed for installation under counters; these units are designed for use as backup ice-makers or for where space is limited.
Each model in this range is available in four configurations; two where the condenser is cooled by air and two higher production units where the condenser cooling is water based. Within these different models you have the additional choice of either dice or half-dice shaped ice cubes.
The 130 series line-up consists of the QD0132A and QY0134A air cooled units (90lbs/day, 80lbs storage), and the QD0133W and QY0135W water cooled options (123lbs/day, 80lbs storage).
The 210 series equivalents are the QD0212A and QY0214A air cooled condenser models (155lbs/day, 80lbs storage), and the QD0213W and QY0215W water cooled alternatives (190lbs/day, 80 lbs storage).
The 270 series models are the air cooled condenser QD0272A and QY0274A  (215lbs/day, 110lbs storage), and the water cooled condenser QD0273W and QY0275W units (245lbs/day, 110lbs storage)
Manitowoc Self Contained Flake Ice Machines
20″ Width Flake Ice Maker – The RF0244A and RF0266A flake ice machines produce up to 150lbs of ice flakes per day. They feature an included storage capacity of 40 and 60 pounds respectively. These models are suitable for small restaurants – or other applications – with modest ice flake needs.
30″ Width Flake Ice Maker – With air cooled condensers; the RF0388A and RF0399A are larger versions of the two twenty inch units discussed previously. These models have a production capacity of 270lbs/day, and can respectively store 90 or 120 pound of ice-flakes. When even this level of ice production is insufficient, the QF0406A is capable of creating 300lbs/day of flaked ice.
Manitowoc Ice Dispensers
For some applications appearance and sanitary concerns are paramount. This line is designed specifically for that market, and is appealingly styled with stainless steel to eliminate the industrial look. The Manitowoc “push for ice” dispensing system is designed to reduce the amount of ice that is spilled.
Floor Standing Ice Dispensers are available in both 22 inch and 30 inch wide models, Manitowoc offers a range of these types of ice dispensers that offer various means of securing access. They can be configured to dispense ice at the push of a button, insertion of coins, or by use of a hotel key room card. These units need to be connected to an ice machine, or else manually reloaded.
22″ Floor Standing Ice – The SPA160 (Push button), SCA163 (Coin operated) and SRA164 (Room card) models provide 120 lbs of ice storage capacity and are ideal for low volume solutions where appearance is key.
30″ Floor Standing Ice – The larger SPA310 (Push button), SCA330 (Coin operated) and SRA340 (Card key) models allow a total of 180lbs of stored ice for higher volume applications.
Floor Standing Ice and Water Dispensers – The SFA191 and SFA292 offer 120lb and 160lbs of capacity, but apart from the basic ice storage capacity also offer a water dispensing valve. As per the units above, these units need to be manually reloaded if an ice machine is not attached.
Countertop Nugget – These models combine an ice machine and dispenser in one. Designed for use with large cups they can dispense nugget ice, water, or a combination of the two. The SN12A (lever operated) and SN12AT (sensor operated) product up to 325lbs/day and have 12lbs of ice storage. The large SN20AT can store 20lbs of ice.
Manitowoc Modular Flake Ice Machines
Flake machines from Manitowoc produce small flaked fragments of ice ideal for rapidly cooling objects. These are ideal for presentations of items that need to remain chilled. All models of this type are modular, and bin units must be purchased separately.
RF300 Series – The RF0300A is a head only ice making unit capable of producing 259 pound of ice per day, and should be purchased in conjunction with a B400 or B570 storage bin.
RF600 Series – A larger version of the RF300, the RF0650A has a 540lbs/day production capacity; it also requires a separate bin for ice storage
RF1200 Series – These massive flake ice machines are paired with the B400, B470 or B970 ice bin units. The air cooled RF1200A and water cooled RF1200W have massive flake production rates of 864lb/day and 1004lbs/day respectively.
Manitowoc Modular Cube Ice Machines
Modular ice cube machines from Manitowoc offer the flexibility of pairing the desired ice production rate with a storage bin that offers the reserve storage capacity appropriate for a particular application.
22″ Width S322 Series – The SD0322A and SY0324A offer air cooled ice cube (of half dice cube) production of 250lbs/day. Similar units where the condenser is water cooled – the SD0323W and SY0325W – provide 290 pounds of daily output.
22″ Width S422 Series – The SD0422A, SY0424A, SD0423W and SY0425W offer roughly 30% higher throughput rates than the S322 series. Both these lines are recommended for purchase along with the B320 or B340 ice bins.
30″ Width S300 Series – Similar in capacity – but wider and shorter in size – to the S322 models the SD0302A, SY0304A, SD0303W and SY0305W are ideally matched with either the B170 or B400 Manitowoc ice bin.
30″ Width S450 Series – Perfectly paired with the B400 or B570, the S450 series offers roughly 400lbs/day of ice cube production. This range is available as the SD0452A, SY0454A (air cooled) or SD0453W, SY0455W (water cooled) units.
Clearly there is no shortage of options to choose from when it comes to Manitowoc ice machines. Their hardware is not cheap; but when reliable ice production is mission critical, it pays to invest in quality.