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A Brief History of Liebherr Refrigerators

When it comes to learning about the history of Liebherr refrigerators, there is a lot of unique information that comes up from tracing this European Company’s history. In todays modern market many consumers who look for the absolute best refrigerator models are well aware of Liebherr refrigerators, which are designed to be among the best available and are offered in 21 different countries. Part of what makes these appliances so interesting is that the company that doesn’t just stick to home appliances, but also offers a wide array of other products and interests that often surprises people who first find this out in the process of researching Liebherr appliances.
The Liebherr Company started in 1949 producing cranes, and among many other interests still produces heavy machinery and cranes to this day. However if you’re interested in the history of the Liebherr refrigerators then you need to fast forward to the next year as 1950 saw the company produce their first home appliances. The Liebherr fridge line was born and has been going strong ever since. Many of the early selling points which set these appliance apart from their competition are the same characteristics these fridges are known for today: innovative designs, top-notch construction materials, specialized cooling set up and various specialty appliances such as their modern and very popular Liebherr wine refrigerator.
Production of Liebherr refrigerators picked up in 1955 and the mass production was on for a line that is approaching its 60th year. The models have changed over the years, but the constant movement towards better appliances continued and this line takes a lot of pride in being considered very high-end compared to the average home appliances. No doubt the recent development of “no frost” cooling technology for the Liebherr fridges will be looked back upon as a major development in this brand’s history.
According to the company’s website, Liebherr fridges are designed to bring the commercial level of quality to consumers. Not only can their appliances fully function in a commercial capacity but individual consumers also can purchase these refrigerators for their homes to enjoy that same level of quality that can’t get from many competitors. The history of Liebherr appliances is all about providing very high quality and staying well ahead of the curve compared to their competition. Whether looking for a home refrigerator or a drink cooler, when it comes to commercial level refrigeration, it’s hard to argue with the quality Liebherr fridges bring as modern designs might be newer and flashier than the historic models, but the quality level can’t be beat on either.