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Liebherr 2060 Series Refrigerators

The Liebherr 2060 Series is a stylish and advanced large refrigerator freezer new to their product line for 2011. Like all Liebherr refrigerators, the 2060 range offers high quality cooling performance for situations where performance matters.
This particular model offers a wide 36″ foot-print, with a unique single-door layout. While this is an unusually large refrigerator – almost 20 cu. Feet – for a single door design, it is a great fit for large kitchens.
Storage is not a concern with this model of Liebherr fridge. The large and open shelving is big enough to store even party platters and large casserole dishes. The unit contains two deep crisper drawers intended for prolonged storage of vegetables and fruits, and also contains a full width drawer for meat and dairy products.
Freezer storage is generous in the Liebherr 2060 fridge freezer also. The two beautiful freezer drawers incorporate sophisticated self-closing mechanism to ensure they cannot be left unintentionally ajar. The stylish aluminum handles ensure that the freezer areas are easily accessed, and maximize space.
Liebherr is considered a high quality brand by many. Like its high-end competitors – such as Sub Zero – this unit features a dual refrigeration system. With high efficiency compressors dedicated separately to both the freezer and the fridge, the appliance ensures the maximum possible food preservation for your dollar.
Other quality features are generous lighting. Rather than just having one light bulb like many cheaper refrigerators do, the 2060 series has both ceiling lighting and low-wattage LED light columns. Even the crisper and freezer drawers have their own illumination.
The exterior aesthetics are also worthy of note for this refrigerator. This Energy star rated appliance can be purchased as either a free-standing model, built-in model integrated with your woodwork, or a modern stainless integrated model.
The Liebherr CS 2060 and HC 2060 refrigerator freezers are attractive high-quality appliances that are sure to look great in any kitchen.