How To Choose The Right Kenmore Freezer

When it comes to buying any big home appliance, there is still a lot to consider even after you have chosen the brand. Kenmore is an innovated and respected brand in the kitchen appliance industry.
They are a good choice for freezers, but with over twenty different models to choose, how do you know which Kenmore Freezer is the right one for you and your home? Here are some guidelines to help you sort through the options.
Freezer Capacity:

  • Are you a family of eight looking for a place to store bulk items? If this is the case you’ll need something bigger that can store a leg of lamb, several whole birds, and a pallet of frozen pizzas. The largest freezer available from Kenmore is the Elite White 24.9 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (1658).
  • Are you a guy or gal with a hunting or fishing hobby, or the beneficiary of one, looking for extra room to store your bounty? Keep in mind your biggest possible dimension when selecting a unit. An averaged sized unit would be something like the Kenmore White 14.8 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (1654).
  • Maybe you’re grandparents adding a little extra popsicle storage in the garage for when the grandkids come over to swim in the pool. You probably don’t need anything too huge. The smallest units available are 5.1 cubic feet, either the Kenmore White 5.1 cu. ft. Upright Freezer(2950) or the Kenmore White 5.1 cu. ft. Chest Freezer (1950).

Freezer Price:

Freezer Design:

  • This one relates to the first consideration point of capacity in the sense that you’ll need to figure how much space you have for the unit. In some cases this could dictate which unit to purchase. Also don’t forget about getting the unit into the space when considering dimensions. Measure all doors prior to purchase just in case.
  • Your space could also dictate whether you purchase an upright or a chest style unit. If it does not, and you have the luxury to choose, consider the pros and cons of each. Do you prefer to reach in or down? Is one or the other more conducive to what you will be storing? Do you want the unit to be easily accessed by children?
  • Are the looks of the freezer important to you? Will it be seen everyday in the kitchen or hidden away in a basement or garage? What do your other appliances look like, and would you like the new freezer to match aesthetically? Most Kenmore freezers are white, but the Elite Series offers a little more variety with stainless and black finishes. They are also a little more sleekly designed.

Kenmore freezers are available big, small and in between at a variety of prices and with a variety of features. Although it can be overwhelming to choose the right unit, the extensive inventory actually ensures there is something out there for everyone. So don’t hesitate in delving into researching the choices using these three guidelines to help you pick the perfect Kenmore freezer.