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Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS Review

When it comes to finding a high quality appliance for keeping your best bottles of wine cool, the Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS model should come up frequently. This high end model of wine refrigerator is known for its innovative design in addition to many design benefits which keeps it a favorite among wine fans. This model of Jenn air wine cooler is made from stainless steel, can serve as an under the counter fridge, and includes a glass window to allow you look at the different labels available while still offering UV protection to keep the wine from being damaged by too much light.
Three different cooling settings are available, which definitely sets this particular wine cooler apart from the competition. There are two racks which can roll out from the small fridge in addition to enough space to hold an impressive 22 bottles. This model of Jenn Air Wine Cooler is somewhat heavy, weighing up to 160 pounds and is commercial level strength, and an LED display makes it easy to monitor the inside temperature of the wine cooler. These models are particularly popular with some small restaurants or businesses, but plenty of wine connoisseurs at home also enjoy this particular wine fridge.
One of the other major benefits offered by the JUB248LWRS Jenn Air Wine Cooler are the high quality warranties which are offered by the manufacturer. Anyone buying this model new can safely assume that they are covered for one year parts and labor, and there are many different kinds of extended warranties available, as well.
The price on this specialty Jenn Air Fridge can vary quite a bit from one retailer to another and while prices may vary by several hundred dollars from one place to another, it’s important to recognize that any wine cooler of this level of commercial quality is going to cost over a thousand dollars. That said, many places offer the Jenn JUB248LWRS in the $1,200 to $1,800 dollar range.
So those are the positives, but what are the potential negatives for this model?  There are a few to look at. One is that the company often doesn’t allow vendors to advertise actual pricing online, making it very hard to shop around comparatively for the best deal. This can be very annoying, and also increases the chances of you potentially over paying.
Another potential negative could be pricing. This is a commercial level wine fridge and if you only have a few bottles of wine then this Jenn Air model might be prohibitively expensive for your specific needs. If you tend to only drink wine once a month or less, then a Jenn Air commercial wine refrigerator might be a lot more than you actually need.
However if you tend to really enjoy your wine and aren’t satisfied with the storage options of your normal fridge or an un-cooled wine rack, or if you simply like hosting a lot of formal get-togethers or parties then maybe the Jenn Air wine cooler is just what you’ve been looking for.