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Igloo Coolers

Igloo coolers are the ideal mobile chilling solution for consumers on a budget. They produce a diverse range of products that vary from personal to full size coolers. Also on offer they haves beverage and thermoelectric refrigerators. There are a lot of different Igloo cooler models, and good options exist for nearly any buyer.
Igloo Thermoelectric Cool Chill

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Igloo has a selection of small 12v refrigerators suitable for light duty in car use. These include the Igloo Cool Chill 26 quart – which has a capacity of 32 cans, and is tall enough for 2-liter soda bottles – and the larger Igloo Cool Chill 40 quart, which can store half as much again.
Also available is the Cool Chill 40 quart Thermoelectric with 110-volt convertor. Not only a vehicles cigarette lighter, but also a regular AC power outlet can power this particular model.
Note that these models just cool the contents. Do not purchase one of these units expecting it to function as a freezer for your automobile; if you seek that functionality look at alternatives like Waeco or Engel compressor type refrigerators.
Igloo Full Size Coolers
The Igloo Island Breeze selection is a handy range with capacities varying from 28 quarts up to 60 quarts. Many of these models have wheels and a handle – similar to that on an airplane carry-on bag – for easy of transportation.
The Igloo Ice Cube selections are cubical shaped coolers very similar to their other full sized models. Their shapes make them a little easier to store when not in use. They designed the Ice Cube Marine Ultra with fishing trips in mind, and included two fishing rod holders.
Designed for nautical use, the Igloo Marine cooler collection is manufactured in Ultra-violet resistant marine white. They include solidly insulated body and lid to ensure maximum cooling for a long day at sea or on the lake.
Igloo also manufactures a large range of wheeled coolers. These include the Igloo Wheelie, the Ice Blue MaxCold Wheeled, and the Igloo Cold Fusion collection. Also available are the camouflaged Igloo Realtree coolers, designed for serious hunting or wildlife watching use.
Igloo Personal Size Coolers
Many of the full size lines discussed above are also available in smaller personal sized models. There are a few unique products ion this selection however. The Igloo Playmate units range in size from 4 quarts to 17 quarts. Many of these models are clearly intended for children, but some of the larger Igloo personal refrigerator models could function as a very functional lunch-box for the job site.
Igloo Beverage Coolers
Instantly recognizable, Igloo beverage coolers are usually present at construction sites or on landscaping crews’ trailers. The large 5 gallon or 10 gallon yellow beverage coolers provide an ample supply of water to keep crews hydrated during a hot days work. Job site coolers are great for keeping employees productive.
Igloo Coolers offer many different chilling solutions, and are capable of providing cold liquid refreshment for nearly any conceivable day’s activities. In case of breakage, Igloo Cooler replacement parts are cheap and readily available.