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How to Find Igloo Cooler Parts

Igloo coolers come in all shapes and sizes and are designed for all sorts of purposes. From kid’s lunch packs, to professional five gallon seat top beverage containers, if you end up missing a handle, hinge, or buckle chances are you’ll want to replace it rather than live with an inconveniently broken cooler or contribute it to the local landfill. There are many sources for Igloo Cooler Parts, and also many resources to help you get your cooler fixed.
Igloo has been around since 1947, and claims to have a cooler in three out of four U.S. homes. They call themselves the #1 brand in the cooler industry worldwide and have a warranty policy to back it up. Most Igloo cooler warrantees cover repair or replacement within one year of purchase; so make sure you have your original proof of purchase. Some limitations do apply, but you can call them directly at 800-364-5566 to get the details on coverage and submit a claim for defective material or workmanship. Should your year have passed and your looking to repair your investment yourself, you can also find parts on the Igloo website.
Replacement Parts
In addition to the Igloo websites there are many other websites to purchase parts. Since Igloo coolers are relatively straightforward with little to no mechanics, you shouldn’t feel shy about making a project of the repair yourself. One thing to be aware of is whether or not the parts you are ordering on alternative websites are actually Igloo brand, or just a cheap knock off. It’s risky to buy an imitation part, as sometimes the dimensions or locations of screw holes are slightly off, or the materials are of a lesser quality.
Repairing an Igloo cooler is almost always going to be cheaper than replacing it, and may be easier than you think. Like I mentioned earlier, depending on the issue, you shouldn’t be shy to tackle the problem yourself. A broken buckle or hinge can be removed with a screwdriver and replaced the same way. Straps and wheels can be replaced simply the same way. Things get a little more complicated when repairing cracks. If you don’t feel confident enough yourself to take on heat welding plastic (it does sound a little intimidating!) chances are a local handy man would be able to help you out in a snap for a reasonable price.
Even with a labor cost involved, it will still be cheaper than purchasing a new one, Igloo replacements parts are affordable and easy to find, and you’ll be doing the environment a favor by not adding to the growing waste we all throw in landfills every year.