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Hoshizaki Ice Machines

Hoshizaki America Inc. manufactures a wide variety of icemakers suitable for many different applications. When you make the decision to purchase from the line-up of Hoshizaki Ice machines you are buying into their slogan – “A Superior Degree of Reliability”.
There are four different styles of icemaker available to select from when purchasing an ice manufacturing solution from this firm. These are the Cubelet, the Flaker, the KM Crescent Cube and the AM Top Hat Cube.
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The smallest models in this product line are the self-contained Cubelets with built-in ice storage bins. These models – the C-100BAF, C-100BAF-AD, C-100BAF-ADDS and C-100BAF-DS – can produce up to 92lbs of ice per day, and have internal storage for 22 pounds.
This selection also offers the much larger F-330BAH-C with a production capacity of 320lbs per 24 hours and an 80-pound storage bin.
Cubelet Icemakers and Dispensers
These ice machine only components require the addition of an ice storage bin of appropriate size.    The DCM-270BAH and DCM-270BAH-OS can produce almost 300 pounds per day, and are appropriate for use with the SD-270 bin.
The Hoshizaki DCM-500B_H-OS and DCM-500B_H have a production ability of 560lbs/day, and 40lbs of built in storage. Either of these units’ pair with the SD-450 or SD-500 ice machine stands to provide extra capacity.
For a massive 800 pounds per day of production the DCB-750B-OS and DCB-750B_H pair well with the SD-700 and SD-750 machine stands.
The F-450M-C, F-801M-C, F-100M-C, F1500M-C and F2000M-C have ice production capabilities of 425lbs, 750lbs, 910lbs, 1335lbs and 1757lbs every twenty-four hours. These models are dispensers that require a pairing with appropriately sized ice storage bins.
The DF-1001M_H-C Slimline dispenser from Hoshizaki can produce 904lbs per day, and is a good match for soda fountains or other beverage related uses. Similarly, the Serenity Series FS-1001MLH-C offers a reduced noise solution for beverage service applications.
Hoshizaki Flaker – Clean Ice
The F-300BAF, F-330BAH and F-550BAF fully self-contained ice makers can generate 303lbs, 330lbs and 475lbs of ice in a day. They offer internal storage of 110lbs, 80lbs and 250lbs respectively.
Modular Flaker
The F-450MAH modular ice machine requires pairing with a Hoshizaki machine stand to store its 475 pounds of daily ice production.
Slim-Line Modular
Available in both air and water-cooled versions, this range of ice flakers has high volume potential; production capabilities range from 820-2200 pounds per day.
As with all modular ice making designs the F-801M, F-1001M, F-1001MLH, F-1500M, F-2000M, F-2000M3 and F-2000MLH need to be paired with an appropriate ice storage bin to create a fully functioning solution.
Hoshizaki KM – Crescent Cube
With ice production capacities ranging from 71 to 268 pounds – and internal storage from 38 to 100 pounds – this selection includes the KM-61BAH, KM-101BAH, KM-151B_H, KM-201B_H and KM-260B_H models.
Designed for beverage applications, the KMD-410M and KMD-450M can generate over 400 pounds of ice cubes daily. For higher volume applications the KMD-850M and KMD-901M have over 800lbs/day production capabilities.
Slim-Line Modular
The Crescent cube selection includes a wide range of slimline modular options. The KM-320M, KM-515M, KM-600M and KM-650M produce from 350 to 700 pounds of ice daily. For higher volumes the KM-901M, KM-901M3, KM-1340M, KM-1601M and KM-1601M3 can create from 900lbs/day all the way up to a massive 1500lb/day.
Low-Profile Modular
For applications where height is limited a series of low profile – the KML-250M, KML-351M, KML-451M and KML-631M – Hoshizaki ice makers are available. These fit well with the DB-200 storage bin.
Marine Series
Designed with cupro-nickel water cooled condensers ideal for corrosive salt-water conditions, these models are great for harsh conditions. The KML-700M has over 650 pounds of generation capacity, and the KM-1400SWH-M and KM-1400SWH-M3 can produce almost 1400 pounds of ice cubes in a day.
Hoshizaki AM – Top Hat Cube
Designed for applications where looks are important – such as for in home bar fridges – the AM cuber ice machine collection has a capacity of 55lbs of ice per day. The design of the AM-50BAE, AM-50BAE-AD, AM-50BAE-ADDS and AM-50BAE-DS under counter models had visual appearance in mind.
Hoshizaki refrigeration devices are known for quality. With all these different models to choose from, there are Hoshizaki Ice Machines suitable for every usage imaginable.