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Looking at the Haier Refrigerator and Mini Fridge

Haier refrigerators are known for being high quality products with a steady and dependable reputation that wins over many consumers. This is a good reputation for an appliance company to have, because whether the consumer is a college student looking for the perfect dorm from fridge or replacing an old dependable model at home that finally kicked the bucket, a reliable appliance that is going to last is at the top of the list for anyone looking to put up the money to buy an appliance.
The Haier refrigerator
One important piece of information for consumers to know is that Haier actually specializes in 6 different types of refrigerators, and not all of these are going to be ideal for every consumer. However this does offer a wide variety of options that many other companies do not. If you’re considering a Haier refrigerator then make sure you know the 6 categories of fridges offered by this company which are:

  • Full sized refrigerators
  • Mid-sized fridges (think small apartment or very small kitchen spaces)
  • Mini fridges
  • Wine fridge
  • Beverage fridge (designed to hold wine properly as well as cans of soda or beer)
  • Keg fridges

As you can see, there are some pretty impressive choices when it comes to picking out the perfect Haier refrigerator. Many of these fridges are Energy Star certified, for those consumers who also want to shop green. As with any company, the consumer rankings vary from one product to another depending on the exact model of fridge, its use, and how well the consumer matched their needs with the appliance, but the general majority seems to agree among many Haier refrigerator reviews that these are well built fridges that function well.
The Haier mini refrigerator
If there is one spot where the Haier refrigerator reviews agree that this company really shines, it’s in the manufacturing of their Haier mini fridge models. These popular fridges, also commonly referred to as “under the counter” fridges by businesses or dorm room fridges by the millions of college students. While the drink or wine mini fridge might seem like a popular idea with many college kids, settling for a regular Haier mini refrigerator is the smarter bet. It’s not like a normal mini fridge can’t hold cans of soda or alcohol, and having the extra design for food makes a big difference when finals week comes along.
An interesting model is Haier’s 1.7 cubic feet “write fridge.”  The door of the fridge also serves as a dry board, allowing a student to write down a to do list, phone number, or reminder right on the door of the mini fridge to make sure you remember everything important before starting the day.