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Frigidaire Standard-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerators

If you are in the market for a side by side refrigerator Frigidaire has some great options.
They have a wide selection of different Frigidaire standard depth side-by-side refrigerator freezers to select from as outlined below.
The Frigidaire KSRS25RV Architect Series II with formed doors is available in two different monochromatic stainless steel finishes – with Apollo Grey and Stainless Steel cabinets respectively.
Those who prefer a more contoured look should consider the Frigidaire KSRT25FW Architect Series II Contoured fridge with Smooth Doors. This particular refrigerator freezer comes in a wide variety of finishes; these range from the basic white or black thru to stainless steel and monochromatic stainless steel with Apollo Grey cabinetry.
The Architect Series II with flat, smooth doors is the Frigidaire KSRK25FV. Combining the available finishes of both the KSRS25RV and the KSRT25FW, this particular model has the most extensive selection of choices available.
Particularly popular is the 25 cubic foot Frigidaire KSRG25FV. Available in not just the traditional white, black and stainless steel; this refrigerator freezer also comes in Monochromatic Satina and monochromatic stainless with the Apollo grey cabinet.
The KitchenAid Architect II KSRV22FV 21.6 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator is a slightly smaller version of the KSRG25FV, with a capacity of 22 cubic feet rather than 25. This particular model is very popular with homeowners who desire a slightly smaller refrigerator.
Frigidaire Refrigerator Features
Each of these side by side fridge freezers from Frigidaire has a variety of features. They all incorporate a stylish through the door ice and water dispenser – the FSRS25RV features a stylish flush dispenser that has beveled edges.
All of these Frigidaire refrigerator models described above incorporate the FreshSeal Humidity controlled crisper and FreshChill temperature controlled meat locker. This locker utilizes forced air cooling to circulate freshly cooled air from the freezer unit into the refrigerator to ensure the optimal storage temperature is maintained.
The KSRS25RV, KSRT25FW and KSRK25FV models also come with the handy Max Cool and Max Ice functionality. The Max Cool feature allow you to temporarily drop the thermostat in the fridge and the freezer for periods of heavy use.
Max Ice likewise allows the homeowner to temporarily increase ice production in anticipation of heavy usage requirements such as occur when entertaining guests. This option allows the icemaker to crank out 6 pounds or more of ice within 24 hours.
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Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerators

When buying a Frigidaire Side By Side Refrigerator there are many different models to choose from. Below I run thru this list from the cheapest fridge freezers to the most expensive refrigerators.
For those looking to spend as little as possible on their side-by-side Frigidaire refrigerator the cheapest model in the lineup is the Frigidaire FFHS2611L* fridge range. Available in black, white and bisque this 26 Cu Ft side-by-side refrigerator freezer is a good buy.
The model numbers for each of these finishes is FFHS2611LB, FFHS2611WH and FFHS2611LQ respectively. If you are willing to spend a little more this appliance also comes in a stainless steel version – the FFHS2611LS.
A peculiarity in the Frigidaire range is that the slightly smaller FFHS2311L* range – with only 23 cubic feet of capacity – actuals costs slightly more than the very similar 26 Cu Ft model. It also comes in black, bisque and white (FFHS2311LB, FFHS2311LQ and FFHS2311LW) finishes.
The inexpensive side by side  Frigidaire refrigerators discussed so far have been entry level units. As the prices go up the units come with a progressively fuller feature set. The FFHS2313LP (white) and FFHS2313LE (black) refrigerator – also available in a slightly pricier Stainless Steel (FFHS2313LS) and Silver Mist (FFHS2313LM) – is an example of this.
Another 26 cubic foot capacity range is the FFUS2613L* selection. This comes in black, white, stainless steel and silver mist – FFUS2613LE, FFUS2613LP, FFUS2613LS and FFUS2613LM – and is a very popular choice with homeowners.
A little smaller, but relatively pricey, are the 22.6 cubic foot FRS3HF55KQ and FRS3HF55KB available in bisque and black.
For those with more money to spend the Frigidaire Gallery range offers some very nice options. There are several white models in this range. The FGHS2334KP, FGHS2355KP, FGHS2367KP, FGHS2367KW, FGHS2369K and FGHS2369KP all have 23 cubic feet of storage.
Those seeking more space can get 26 cubic feet with the FGHS2634KW and FGHS2655KP models. For something a little different, the FGHS2634KP is a pearl white finished Frigidaire Gallery model; this unit is also available in black – the FGHS2634KB and FGHS2655KE – and ebony black – the FGHS2634PBK.
The Frigidaire Gallery refrigerator freezer line also includes several units in premium stainless steel. The FGUS2642LF, FGHS2365KF, FGHC2345LF and FGHC2344KF are all very attractive fridge freezers.
At the very high-end of the Frigidaire refrigerator line is the 26 cubic foot Stainless steel FPUS2686LF ‘professional’ model with best in class ice and water filtration system. Also very expensive is Frigidaire’s side-by-side counter depth refrigerator, the white FSC23R5D.

As this long list clearly demonstrates, shoppers looking for a Frigidaire Side-By-Side refrigerator have a huge number of different options to select from, many of which are available for purchase here.
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