Small Chest Freezer

The small chest freezer is a very useful little mini freezer ideal for providing extra frozen good capacity in space constrained areas.
As will be discussed below, many manufacturers sell low priced yet quality small chest freezers ideal for use in the home environment.
Small Frigidaire Chest Freezers
The firm that produces Frigidaire refrigerators offers a small 5 cubic foot chest freezer that unlike many of their larger units fits in most kitchens. Only 35 inches wide and less than 24 inches deep it requires a very limited floor area for installation. The white Frigidaire FFFC05M2KW has a textured and durable metal interior, and this chest freezer incorporates a water drain for easy removal of water when performing manual defrosts cycles.
Small Kenmore Chest Freezer
The Kenmore 5.0 cu. Ft. manual defrost chest freezer is another very small chest freezer option. Readily available at your local Sears this mini freezer is rated to use less than 250kwh of electricity per year, making its ongoing cost of operation outstanding. It also incorporates a lift out freezer baskets which assists in keeping the contents of this small freezer organized.
Amana Chest Freezers
Amana does not offer any truly small chest freezer options. The smallest unit in the Amana deep freezer product line is the AQC1513TEW, a white freezer with a fairly generous capacity of 14.8 cubic feet. If you are looking for a mini freezer from Amana refrigerators this is small as it gets. This unit – being larger – includes more features than are commonly found in mini freezers.
Small Haier Chest Freezers
Haier offers an extensive lineup of mini chest freezer options. Their smallest unit is one of the tiniest chest freezers available – at only 3.5 cubic foot of capacity the HNCM035E is great for extremely tight installs. Also available from Haier are some 5.0 cu. Ft. models – the HCM050EC and the Energy Star ESCM050EC – plus a 5.3 cubic foot HNCM053E which include an easy access defrost drain.
Small GE Chest Freezers
The GE 5.0 cubic foot FCM5SUWW with adjustable temperature control incorporates a slide out freezer storage basket and foam insulation. GE also offers a slightly larger mini chest freezer, the 7.0 cu.ft. FCM7SUWW. Both these units being relatively small can be installed by a couple of strong men, and can be transported in a reasonably large sized personal vehicle.
With a variety of different small chest freezer models available from a large number of different manufacturers, finding a unit with the features you require should not be difficult. Most shoppers will find any of these units to be perfectly adequate for use as small chest freezers in their home.