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Slimline Fridge Freezer

For people without a whole lot of room in their kitchen, finding a refrigerator that will fit can be difficult. If your home presents you with this challenge, then it may be worth your while considering the purchase of a Slimline fridge freezer. This article briefly discusses the attributes of fridge freezer slimline models.
The style of appliance referred to as a Slimline fridge is not really a formally recognized type, but rather an unofficial category of very narrow fridge freezers. Generally they are tall units that have a width of about 18-20 inches, or 50cm in metric. Depending on which part of the world you live in they may also be referred to as larder fridges or pantry fridges.
Due to their modest width and generous height, these Slimline refrigerators provide a relatively large internal capacity for their footprint. For a kitchen where space is at a premium this type of narrow fridge freezer is perfect.
Apart from fridge only units, there are combination fridge freezers and Slimline freezer models also. All of these – if you are willing to pay – are available with the full set of high end features you would expect to find in premium American style or side-by-side fridge freezers. To a certain extent Slimline freezers and fridges are just half of an American style fridge freezer.
Apart from being available with the full array of features, these appliances are also available with the different styles you will find on other models.  They can be had in varying finishes of white, black and of course the modern look of a stainless steel refrigerator. Pricewise there is considerable variety, Slimline models can be very expensive or can be cheap fridge freezers.
Unfortunately it can be difficult to find narrow fridges and freezers like these in countries where they are not commonly used. If your local retailer does not carry them there a couple of companies who produce a good selection. Beko produces many ‘larder fridges’ which are basically Slimline models. The firm Coolzone also sells a well-regarded line of Slimline fridge freezers.
Hopefully this brief introduction to the world of the Slimline fridge freezer has opened your eyes to the opportunities they present for furnishing your small kitchen in a way that provides you all the refrigeration and freeze space you need.