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Freezerless Refrigerator Options

The purchase of a freezerless refrigerator can make a lot of sense when you need refrigerated space, but have no need to pay the premium for frozen food storage. Freezerless refrigerators – while less common than combination fridge freezer units – are readily available from a wide variety of manufactures.
Frigidaire and Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerators

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One option for consumers shopping this type of product is the purchase of the Whirlpool EL88TRRWS. This 17.7 cubic foot All Refrigerator model is 30-inches wide, and has an attractive stainless steel finish.
Alternatively, Frigidaire offers several different All-Refrigerator units. These include the 18.6 cu. ft. Frigidaire Professional FPRH19D7LF, and the 16.7 cubic feet FRU17B2JW and FRU17G4JW. Frigidaire stand alone refrigerators are also available for commercial use. The heavy duty 19.5 cubic feet FCRS201RFB and FCRS201LFB are food service grade units, also available is a glass door refrigerator for commercial use – the FCGM201RFB – which has great potential as a display refrigerator.
GE Monogram Freezerless Refrigerators
There are several different 36″ built-in All-Refrigerators in the GE model line-up. The ZIR360NXLH, ZIR360NXRH, ZIRS360NXLH, ZIRZ360NXRH, ZIRP360NXLH and ZIRP360NXRH offer 21.4 cubic feet of storage, and are packed with high-end features.
Also available from General Electric is the GE Monogram ZIF240P, a compact freezerless refrigerator. In addition, they offer the ZDOD240P, an outdoor ready version standalone refrigerator.
Sub Zero Freezerless Refrigerator Options
Sub-Zero has a strong position in this niche market. The Sub Zero 736TR and the BI36R are 36″ built-in refrigerators. Those seeking a display refrigerator can also investigate the BI36RG, a glass door version of that unit.
For smaller areas the Sub Zero 700TR and IC27R are smaller integrated refrigerators from Sub-Zero. The IC27R freezerless refrigerator energy star rated model is highly appealing if you value energy efficient in your appliances.
Thermador Stand Alone Refrigerator Models
Thermador is a high-end manufacturer, and the quality of their freezerless refrigerator models reflect this fact. There units come in two widths twenty-four and thirty inches. The 24-inch Thermador Freedom collection models are the wood-paneled TR24IR70NSP and the stainless steel T24BR70FSE. Their larger 30″ inch range includes the T30IR70NSP and the T30BR70FSE refrigerator without freezer models.
Viking Freezerless Refrigerators
Viking takes some pride in its standalone refrigeration appliances, and has a very extensive range. Amongst the most popular are the built-in Viking Professional VCRB536RX and VCRB536LX 36″ stand-alone refrigerators, available in a large choice of finishes. In a very similar vein, the fully integrated VIRB536RX and VIRB536LX units are also big sellers.
For smaller installations, Viking offers a range of 30″ freezerless refrigerators. The VCRB530LX, VIRB530RX and VCRB530RX offer all the benefits of the 36-inch collection less space; these units are great for smaller kitchens.
Electrolux Freezerless Refrigerator Choices
Electrolux offers two energy star rated stand alone refrigerator options. The first is the Electrolux IQ-Touch EI32AR65JS, and the second is the more upscale ICON Professional E32AR75JPS. Both these fridges are 32″ in width, and offer18.6 cubic feet of refrigerated storage.
Liebherr All Refrigerator Models
The Liebherr product line-up includes a range of 24″ refrigerators designed for built-in installation. These include the Liebherr RBI1410, R1410, RB1410 and RI1410. For those seeking a higher-end product the Liebherr Premium Plus HRB1110 is an energy star rated freezerless refrigerator.
Miele and Northland Refrigerator without Freezer Models
Even some of the more obscure manufacturers have some freezerless refrigerator options. The Miele Independence K1801 and Miele Independence K1901 are fully integrated refrigerator ranges 30″ and 36″ inches wide respectively.
Northland, another lesser-known brand, has quite a range of different sizes available. The Northland 18ARS and 18ARW are only 18-inches in width, making them some of the narrowest built-in fridges available. ┬áBumping up to 24″, the Northland 24ARS and 24ARW are suitable for installation in slightly bigger spaces.
Of course, Northland also producs the more traditional 30 inch and 36 inch width freezerless refrigerators; there are the 30ARW, 30ARS, 36ARW and 36ARW models respectively. Note that all of these units are available in a variety of finishes.
Summit Chest Refrigerators
Summit has some unique freezerless fridges in its product line. This firm has opted to provide chest refrigerators as an option to buyers. While not suitable for everyone, these models can be a great choice in certain situations. The Summit Commercial SCFR150 offers 15.5 cubic feet of refrigerated volume. For those who need more space the SCFR220 and SCFR250 provide 21.0 cu ft. and 23.5 cu ft. of storage respectively.
Summit also offers the more traditional upright refrigerators. The Summit Commercial SCUR17 and SCUR20 are ideal for heavy-duty use, which the cheaper Summit R17FF is a good option for home use.
With the freezerless refrigerator market served by so many different brands, from low-end to premium, any buyer should be able to locate a model that matches their budget.