Freezer Bins

Freezer bins are storage compartments that are often found built into the freezer compartment of standalone upright freezers and traditional refrigerator freezers. Their close cousin – the freezer basket – is more often found in deep chest freezers.
The difference between freezer bins and freezer baskets is rather arbitrary, many people use the terms interchangeably so it is important to be aware of what type of storage basket is being referred to when a particular phrase is used.
More often than not, when someone refers to a freezer bin they are referring to a plastic basket. These usually come with an upright freezer fridge freezer unit and are part of the built in storage system. Often times they are removable, adjustable and sometimes even have slides.
Another common distribution feature is that freezer bins are often door mounted. You will see many freezer door bin offerings from manufacturers such as Frigidaire refrigerators. This in particular marks them as being suited for upright freezers, as the chest freezers do not really have a door for you to mount bins or baskets on.
The term freezer basket is often used for storage containers purchased for use in deep chest freezers. These larger freezes typically require more robust storage solutions and these baskets may potentially need to be stacked. For this reason stackable freezer baskets for deep chest freezers are usually made of wire for extra strength.

One type of specialize freezer bin that many people find useful is a Rubbermaid White Ice Cube Bin. These come in very handy if your refrigerator freezer does not contain an ice dispenser.
Simply create ice using regular ice cube trays, and once the ice is formed dump the contents of the tray into the ice cube bin. Rinse and repeat until you have filled up the been with ice, this is a great bulk ice storage solution for those who haven’t freezer without some of the high-end ice dispenser functionality.
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Freezer Baskets

Anyone who owns a deep chest freezer will testify to the requirement for freezer baskets to effectively organize the contents. Without some careful forethought you are likely to find your freezer jammed full of a random jumble of items without rhyme or reason. To avoid this situation any owner of a large freezer should consider purchasing and using chest freezer baskets. Unlike upright freezers, deep freezers do not come with built in freezer bins.

In a large freezer items may be stored for many months before being used. Often you will find yourself looking in the freezer at a mysterious container or bag that is covered in frost, and having no idea what is inside or how old it is. This is bad for multiple reasons.

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First of all, let us say you are looking for some frozen pork. You will have to rummage through the freezer looking for a bag that looks like it is pork. If you own a chest freezer this can be very rough on your back. Once you finally find what appears to be the right bag you will pull it out, and after it has been defrosted hope your visual inspection was correct and you did end up with what you were looking for. Was it the wrong bag? Oh well…you are stuck eating chicken tonight!

A second concern with unorganized freezers is that it can be very difficult to know how long a frozen item has been in there. With a big deep freezer it is easy to end up with unidentified items that have no indicate of age. Due to this you will likely find yourself throwing away perfectly good food simply because you don’t know how old it is.
By investing in some freezer baskets you can turn the chaos in your freezer into a well-organized, easily accessed frozen paradise. Both sturdy plastic and wire baskets are readily available; your best choice for a material for a chest freezer basket is up to you. If your deep chest freezer is particularly large, you have the opportunity to utilize stackable freezer baskets. Stackable freezer bins are particularly popular, in some deep freezers these can be stacked 3 or 4 layers deep allowing for a very sophisticated organizational system. When you have several baskets available in your deep chest freezer you gain the ability to organize your food by both type and age. You might have a basket labeled for 2009 Pork, 2009 Chicken, 2010 Pork and 2010 Chicken. This allows you to solve both the issue of unidentifiable type of food, and unidentifiable age of food.
Also, by having everything neatly organized this way, you can find things fast. No more digging through the depths of the freezer item by item. You can also organize so the baskets for the newer food are placed at the bottom. By doing this you can ensure you are rotating your food out regularly. I.e. you will finish off the 2009 pork before starting on the 2010 pork. This will greatly reduce food wastage, thus saving you money.
As has been demonstrated, the benefits of freezer baskets are many. And any money you invest in purchasing them should be recouped fairly rapidly via the reductions in spoiled food. If you have a deep chest freezer you owe it to yourself to purchase a set of stackable freezer baskets.