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Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

With the launch of the new Electrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

Elextrolux Infinity I-Kitchen
Elextrolux Infinity I-Kitchen

a revolutionary addition has been made to the Electrolux refrigerator line-up. The Electrolux I-Kitchen is an advanced fridge freezer developed by ProFUSION embedded systems and the Brazilian arm of Electrolux.
This new Electrolux refrigerator freezer unit combines all the high end feature and functionality of a modern cooling appliance with a built-in computer interface. Using the open-source GNU/Linux operating system the included computer offers much of the functionality of a PC to the fridge.
Options supported are time and temperature displays on the touch screen panel. The appliance also incorporates several built-in applications. A Notes application is intended as a substitute to pasting sticky notes all over the front of the refrigerator – and includes handy features like birthday reminders, great for the forgetful man of the house!
A Photos application lets you use the touch screen as a digital photo frame when it is not being used for other applications, so you will always be able to see a picture of your loved ones when walking by the fridge.
Another great application – and one more kitchen specific – is the Recipes application, which incorporates hundreds of recipes and makes them conveniently available to you in the room where you perform your cooking.
Due to the use of open source GNU/Linux and EFL libraries, there is a considerable likelihood that user communities will be able to create and distribute even more useful applications for the Electrolux IKitchen as time goes by. Going open source was definitely a wise decision on the part of Electrolux.
This fridge freezer is definitely a very appealing unit. Above and beyond being a refrigerator with touchscreen interface it is a very attractive unit design wise, and may appeal to many buyers for its looks alone.
Time alone will tell whether incorporating computers for the end-user of a refrigerator is just a temporary fad or something that is here to say. With the introduction of many easily portable tablets – such as the Apple i-Pad and Samsung Tab – it will have some stiff competition in the kitchen computing area.
Many people may be tempted to spend their money on more portable computing, which can give them access to recipes not just on the fridge door, but on the kitchen countertops where the chopping and slicing of food preparation will actually occur.
I do anticipate that there will be some high-end homeowners who are particularly tech-savvy that may find the Electrolux I-Kitchen a fun appliance for their kitchens.