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Waeco Fridges for Sale

Shoppers seeking Waeco fridges for sale have quite a variety to choose from. The matter whether you are looking for thermoelectric coolers, compression fridge freezers or absorption refrigerators Waeco has you covered. Waeco – part of the Dometic group – has been a leader in the mobile cooling industry for well over 30 years.
Waeco Thermo-Electric Fridges
For those seeking lightweight and versatile cooling solutions, thermoelectric fridges from Waeco are popular appliances. This type of cheap refrigerator usually has the ability to both cool and heat the contents, which makes them rather unique in the marketplace.
Capable of cooling up to 30°C/50°F below ambient temperatures these cheap fridges are adequate for many users. The lineup includes the CoolFun S32 and W35; the BordBar TB-08G, TB-15, BB-28 and BB-32 car coolers; and the CoolPro TC-14FL, TC-21FL and TC-35FL Waeco coolers.
Waeco Three-Way Fridge Freezers
Popular amongst RV owners and campers are three-way absorption coolers. These refrigerators offer great flexibility as they can be operated from any of three power sources – a 12 V cigarette lighter, mains power, and certain types of LPG.
The Waeco CombiCool absorption cooler and Dometic RC1600, F400 and RC1180 fridge freezers are tough appliances suitable for all your three-way cooling needs; whether you be living full-time in a caravan or taking extended camping trips off grid.
Waeco Kompressor Refrigerator Freezers
Shoppers seeking the ultimate in mobile refrigerator freezer technology should look at the selection of Waeco compressor fridge freezers. The Waeco CoolFreeze range utilizes ultra-efficient Danfoss BDF compressor technology to create highly useful fridges suitable for almost any need. These refrigerators are powered by 12v DC, although some of them also have the option to run from mains power.
Waeco Adler Barbour Compressor Cooler Freezer, 52qt
This Waeco refrigerator line is available in a large variety of different sizes. The smallest unit is the CDF-11 which is small enough to fit in the smallest of vehicles.
In the middle of their size range are the Dometic WAECO CF-040AC110 Coolmatic 39 QT AC/DC Refrigerator Freezer and Waeco Coolmatic CF-50 – two of the most popular sizes they offer, these units are frequently installed in 4WD vehicles.
Waeco Adler Barbour Compressor Cooler Freezer, 112qt
For those wanting to go the whole hog the Dometic WAECO CF110AC110 Coolmatic 113 QT AC/DC with Touch Control Refrigerator and Freezer is a very large fridge freezer. This unit can hold up to 12 dozen beverage cans, which gives you an idea of its sheer size. It even includes storage basket for ease of organization of the contents, and can be mounted on a fridge slide to make it easier to handle.
With this wide variety of Waeco fridges for sale, all competing with their chief rival Engel, you should have no difficulty finding a Waeco or Dometic refrigerator suitable for your mobile cooling needs.