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A Guide to Refrigerator Sizes

When picking out a refrigerator, the main feature that everyone looks for is the size. More than anything else, the size determines which refrigerator will be best suited to you. Here is a guide to assist you in learning about the various refrigerator sizes and the benefits of each.
Measure the Dimensions of your Refrigerator Install Space
The first step in choosing the right refrigerator dimensions involves measuring the height and width of the place where you want to position the refrigerator. You must also consider the things that the refrigerator will need, such as a location that is near a power outlet. If you are buying a fridge with a built-in ice maker, then you will also need access to a water line and water filter.
Refrigerator Sizes
How Large is Your Family?
Another factor that determines the right refrigerator size would be the number of household members. The bigger your family size, the bigger refrigerator you need. You must also consider the number and kind of things that you want to store in the fridge. The size determines the storage capacity of your refrigerator. If your family drinks a lot of milk or soda, you will need a large refrigerator to keep it all cold.
Different Types of Fridge Freezers
Refrigerators are classified according to fridge size and capability. A standard size refrigerator is the typical size of refrigerator that is used by most families. There are four basic styles of standard refrigerators, namely top-mount freezer refrigerators, side by side refrigerators, bottom mount refrigerators, and French door refrigerators.
Standard Refrigerator Size Guide for Top Mounts
The top mount refrigerator has an eye level freezer and is the most common fridge on the market, the size of these units is generally somewhere between 29 inches and 36 inches in width, between 62 inches and 69 inches in height, and roughly 26 top 28 inches in depth. This standard fridge size is large enough for a medium size family, but will not provide a lot of extra capacity. If you do not purchase large amounts of groceries at once, these units can be a good choice. While is it hard to define a set of ‘standard refrigerator dimensions’, these models are a good starting point and can probably be considered the standard family size fridge.
Fridge Sizes for Side-by-Side Refrigerators
On a side by side refrigerator, the fridge and freezer compartments are adjacent to each other, allowing easy access to each part. You might expect this to mean that these units are wider than top mounted freezer units, but the individual compartments are usually quite narrow. The width of these units ranges from 32 to 37 inches – only slightly more than top mounts – but they are usually slightly taller, with heights sometimes topping 70 inches. They are also often slightly deeper, with depths ranging from 28 to 30 inches. Counter depth models may only have a depth of 24 inches, and the capacity of those units is reduced accordingly.
Refrigerator Size Guide for Bottom Mount Refrigerators
A bottom mount fridge is a unique refrigerator that has the freezer on the bottom to allow it to cool faster. These units are almost directly comparable in size to top mount freezer units; they are the same basic design flipped upside down. Note that this type of model is generally more expensive than top mounts, and premium brands often sell built-in French door style bottom freezer models that have a depth of 24 inches, but can reach heights of up to 84 inches. These French door type fridges have dual fridge doors with a freezer drawer that you can easily pull out to get to the food. It is also very easy to see what is inside this type of freezer.
Small Refrigerator Dimensions
An apartment size refrigerator is smaller than the standard size and is designed to fit in a small kitchen. These are amongst the best size of refrigerator investments for couples who do not have children or small families. They are small enough to fit in spaces where a standard fridge will not go, but large enough to hold a decent amount of food.
For college students, a mini refrigerator is usually the best option. The mini fridge is a space-saving refrigerator that is useful for dorms, motels, and apartments. Its size ranges from as small as 1.5 cubic feet to as big as 5.5 cubic feet. A small refrigerator like this can easily be placed under countertops and concealed in your home bar. This size of fridge is also referred to as a compact refrigerator.
A refrigerator is an important appliance in your home, and you should consider your options carefully before selecting one. Hopefully this rundown of refrigerators by size has given you enough knowledge about the types and sizes of refrigerators to enable you to easily find the perfect fridge.

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Buying A Beverage Refrigerator

Imagine you are hosting a party, having a private get together with friends, or are relaxing in your den or game room. Do you really want to walk to the kitchen when you or your guests get thirsty, taking you away from the get-together or stress-free moment? Traditional kitchen refrigerators are perfect for storing food and drinks for everyday consumption. But depending on your needs, they may not provide enough space or might not be in a convenient location. Purchasing and installing a beverage refrigerator in your home is the perfect solution to this problem, and can provide you with cool beverages at a moments notice. You will never have to leave the party or your personal space – at least not until you are ready.
How to Choose the Right Beverage Refrigerator for Your Living Space
Finding the best unit to suit your needs isn’t a difficult task. But with all the brands and product types available, how do you know which product is right for you? Before any decisions can be made, first decide where your new refrigerator is going to be placed. Accurately measure all aspects of the space available; including the length, width and height. Keep in mind, the latter measurement is essential if your new purchase is going to fit properly as a built in beverage refrigerator because the compressor requires adequate ventilation to run and properly maintain its internal temperature.  Once you have determined the amount of space available, you can start the selection process.
One of the first aspects you will notice while shopping online or at major retailers is the wide range of brand names available. Some of the most popular brand names available are Haier, Avanti, Danby, Magic Chef and EdgeStar. While no one brand is necessarily vastly superior to the others, brand does make a difference when it comes to pricing, features, sizing and warranty. If you are not loyal to a particular brand, the best place to start is by narrowing the selection based on affordability and features.
Cost may be one of your first concerns when shopping, but keep in mind you get what you pay for. Lower priced beverage refrigerators may be more affordable and budget friendly – but they may end up lacking in features and are quite often less energy efficient. In the end, that “money saving” purchase may cost you more in the long run. Instead of choosing a cheap refrigerator, look for other money saving options such as sales and rebates. Also, consider shopping at specialty stores or online at locations including ABT appliances, Best Buy and Amazon where savings on overall cost and shipping is almost guaranteed.
Once you have narrowed your selection, it is time to find the product with all the right features to suit your needs. Wine coolers and beverage refrigerators are a popular option for homes because of their versatility. Interchangeable racks make storing either (or both) types of drink a breeze. Other options to look for are glass refrigerator doors, digital thermostats, auto-defrost, adjustable racks, internal lighting and a suitable Energy-Star rating. And if you want to create a truly streamlined room design consider an undercounter refrigerator which fits alongside your existing cabinetry, allowing too blend with your existing living space.
What Makes an Outdoor Beverage Refrigerator Different?
Do you need to keep your drinks cool in the heat of the outdoors? Consider the addition of an outdoor refrigerator to your patio or other outside living space. But not all units are created equal and they are not the same as indoor models, so you must take this aspect into consideration before you buy. A standard beverage refrigerator is not designed for outdoor use. The higher temperatures will cause the internal components and compressor to run continuously to maintain the lower internal temperature – and this constant running will eventually cause the product to burn itself out.
The right outdoor beverage refrigerator can compensate for all of these problems. This type of model should include the following features, which will allow for it to withstand harsh environment:

  • Ensure the model is marketed as being weatherproof and designed for outdoor use
  • Check for increased levels of insulation
  • Verify the refrigerator is approved by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL), this ensures the product has undergone testing, is waterproof and safe for outdoor use
  • Stainless steel outdoor beverage refrigerators are the best design because they not only resist harsh weather conditions, but also do not rust easily
  • Choose a unit with a higher Energy-Star rating, this ensures the unit will run less and will not drastically increase your electric bill

Once you have determined where your new refrigeration unit is going to be placed, your price range and the features you desire; actually finding the right product to fit your needs is a breeze. The wide range of brand names and retailers will provide you with the perfect solution – even though you may not find exactly what you are look for right off the bat. In the end, the installation of a beverage refrigerator in your home you will make everyday life even simpler, and make you living space the life of the party.