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Choosing the Right Brand of Commercial Refrigerators

Restaurant owners, convenience store operators, and home owners alike have all come to appreciate the importance of commercial refrigerators for a number of different needs. Since home grade appliances can only do so much, many turn to the reliability and sturdy construction of a commercial grade machine. But how do you make the best investment for your business? What tips should you keep in mind to get the best fridge for your money?
Finding Brands of Commercial Fridges
Whether you’re loyal to a specific brand or simply looking for a quality fridge, finding a reputable brand to buy  is important. But how do you make sure that the brand you choose is the right one. When shopping for a large investment such as a commercial fridge, remember:

  • Consumer and customer reviews count
  • Look at fridges and freezers in kitchens around your area
  • Pay attention to warranty
  • Always be concerned with safety, energy, and inspection ratings
  • Ask your local appliance store for their opinion

Frigidaire is a leader in the commercial fridge industry, offering a wide range of different coolers for a variety of different needs. This company also offers appliances in all different price ranges, backing up their models with warranties (including service and parts). Just be aware that this refrigerator and freezer company offers more than just commercial items. When looking for a Frigidaire refrigerator for your business, always make sure that the specific fridge you are interested in matches safety and inspection specifications.
Summit commercial fridges also receive high reviews in the restaurant and food handling world. Meeting all safety and inspection standards, choose these fridges if you’re looking for a built-in fridge model, as this company produces many under counter and smaller installed coolers. Summit also offers a variety of different beverage merchandisers that can be used for a variety of cold items as well as drinks. All built in models are also tested for heat safety.
Delfield is a very diverse company that produces a number of different commercial kitchen appliances. From cooled prep tablesto under counter fridges, you can come to this reputable company for a number of different purchase needs. In the refrigerator and freezer department, look to Delfield for appliances ranging from merchandisers to walk in coolers. But while finding parts for a universal company such as Frigidaire will be easy, you’ll have to rely on an appliance company or store to order parts for this brand of commercial fridge.
Choosing Your Brand of Commercial Appliance
When looking out for the brand to choose for your commercial refrigerators and freezers, choose the right company by looking at customer reviews, warranties, and inspection ratings. As always, there are universal brand that can be a fairly reliable source to come to when making a large culinary investment, such as Frigidaire, Summit, and Delfield.

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Types of Restaurant Refrigerators

One of the most important pieces of equipment needed in a restaurant is the restaurant refrigerator. There are many types of restaurant or commercial refrigerators that are certified for use in restaurants and other commercial and industrial kitchen settings. Here is an overview of the features you can expect to find on various types of restaurant refrigerators.
Undercounter Refrigerators
These are refrigerators that fit under the counter in a restaurant. There are two models of this type: the undercounter freezer models and the undercounter refrigerator models. The type you choose will depend on the kind of food that is to be stored in them. The main advantage of this type of refrigerator is that it allows for optimum use of space in the restaurant kitchen or bar. Using an undercounter refrigerator creates more space for those preparing food. The space under the counter is not wasted. The dimensions of the space under the counter where the refrigerator will be kept should be measured before you set out to buy an undercounter refrigerator. This will ensure that you choose one that fits perfectly.
Display Refrigerators
These are restaurant refrigerators with transparent doors that allow people to see what is inside. Although this type of refrigerator is intended for commercial purposes, it can be used in homes too. Commercial entities need this type of refrigerator because it allows customers to see what is available for purchase in the shop without constantly opening the door and letting the temperature inside get too warm. This keeps the food at a safe temperature while enticing customers to buy the items that are stored inside.
Beverage Refrigerators
These are commercial refrigerators designed for keeping cool beverages. They are able to keep drinks such as beer and soda at the right temperature so that they are always ready for customers to enjoy. Since beverage refrigerators are usually kept in the bar area, some of them come with locks for security during off hours. Some of these refrigerators also have transparent doors just like display refrigerators.
Drawer Refrigerators
These are restaurant refrigerators that open like drawers. Drawer refrigerators come in various models and are usually installed under counters. There are two door, four door and six door models. This type of refrigerator is good for commercial operations because it allows for different types of food items to be stored in separate compartments. The advantage is that odors from foods such as meat and fish do not get to other foods, like vegetables and fruits. When taking food out of one drawer, the food in the other compartments is not exposed.
Walk-in Refrigerators
Restaurant RefrigeratorsThis is one of the most common refrigerator types used in restaurants. This is because restaurants need to keep large amounts of food that ordinary refrigerators cannot support. A walk-in refrigerator is a refrigerated room with controlled temperatures for storing food. Some walk-in refrigerators are very complex machines with the ability to indicate which foods will expire at a particular time.
Commercial refrigerators are expensive and are sometimes beyond the reach of some business owners, especially those who are just getting started in the restaurant business. However, there are used restaurant refrigerators on the market that work perfectly and cost much less than new refrigerators.

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True Manufacturing produces a wide range of refrigerators and freezers suitable for almost every business imaginable. The lineup of commercial True refrigerator freezers is incredibly extensive, and contains some of the most sought after commercial refrigerators available today.
The True Manufacturing T-49 T-series commercial refrigerators are very popular with many business owners. This two door reach in refrigerator boasts 49 cubic feet of storage, providing commercial scale capacity for your operation. True fridges use a bottom mount compressor which makes maintenance and service of the unit easier.
As a commercial fridge these True T49 appliances have many exceptional features. The oversized refrigeration system holds storage temperatures to just above freezing – 33°F to 38°F (.5°C to 3.3°C). This low temperature provides for an extended freshness for the product within that will not be found in lesser models. The doors incorporate recessed handles, and self-closing door locks. Combined with a rugged 300 series stainless steel finish and highly effective insulation this True refrigerator is meets all government mandated energy efficiency standards.
The units’ default shelving configuration includes six heavy duty wires shelves – PVC coated – fully adjustable to your storage needs. Each shelf can safely hold close to 250 pounds of merchandise, making them the ideal storage solution for a high volume food service environment.
Apart from the T-49 refrigerator, True also manufactures an equivalent commercial freezer unit of similar size and quality – the T-49F true freezer. True freezers T49F 2 door bottom mounted reach-in freezer is the ideal appliance for large scale storage of frozen products for your establishment.
The T49 comes in a variety of different configurations to suit varying applications. One model, the T-49PT is a pass through model. With a pair of doors on both the front and the back, it can be easily accessed from either side in a large meal prep area.
Also available is a four door unit of the same size and specs. This True refrigerator is also available in both ‘reach in’ (the T-49-4) and a ‘pass thru’ (T494PT) design.
While the T49 is one of the more popular commercial True refrigerators, it is but one of many they offer. Similar units are available in smaller sizes (The T-23 and T-35) and also in a larger 3 door – the T72 seventy two cubic feet range.
They also carry a full range of display refrigerators – the GDM group of appliances – and glass door display freezers for displaying merchandise easily in any retail environment. Another offering is refrigerated curved glass display cases such as the TCGR-59-CD.
For the business owner looking to invest in high quality cooling appliances, True refrigeration has a great range of industrial strength commercial refrigeration and commercial freezer products to select from. It is well worthwhile considering a True refrigerator for your business.