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Blood Storage Refrigerators and Freezers

One extremely important appliance that is held to a high standard are blood storage refrigerators and freezers. The medical profession demands only the highest quality, as they deal in literally the difference between life and death.
Blood bank refrigerators keep blood at the right temperature so it keeps until it’s needed for an emergency. Plasma freezers also serve a similar function for the storage of plasma. Many people don’t think a lot about these appliances, but without good blood storage refrigerators and freezers many more people would die each year from injury or during surgery. These are critical appliances to modern health care.
Blood Bank RefrigeratorsMedical blood storage refrigerators must be held to a much higher standard than cooling units for food storage. The blood has to be the perfect temperature, and that requires very precise temperature uniformity throughout the entire blood storage fridge. These fridges all come with various monitors and an alarm system which allows for extremely precise monitoring of temperature to make sure the blood or plasma supplies stay in the healthy range for use in an emergency situation.
These don’t have the appearance of a normal refrigeration unit, but open glass panels allow doctors and medical professionals to see the blood supply being stored in the medical fridges and freezers, and the appearance might even remind someone of the large bread holders you see at a Subway restaurant. ¬†While they might look similar to the untrained eye, obviously there is a gigantic difference between the two. The design of a good blood bank refrigerator makes it easy for a doctor or nurse to quickly assess what blood types are in stock and easily and conveniently grab whatever is needed for a surgery or emergency situation.
The prices on these models reflect that specialty needs of these appliances. The low end prices on small blood storage refrigerators start at over $3,000 and can go as high as $15,000. Whether the blood needs to be stored for scientific research of some time or if you’re talking about blood storage at blood banks or hospitals, it’s extremely important for these appliances to be functioning at a high level.
Many plasma freezers are smaller, and appear more like a conventional freezer however they are specially made to store plasma at a temperature of -30 degrees Celsius, which is much colder than the 4 degree Celsius rate that most blood storage fridges stay at to keep blood ready for use. The temperatures in each unit must be precisely set and maintained based on whether it’s blood or plasma being stored.
Obviously these types of fridges are not going to be right for most people, as they three most common consumers for blood storage refrigerators and freezers are going to be hospitals, scientific laboratories, and blood banks. No one else really has a good reason to need to store that much blood, or reason to spend so much money for an appliance designed for that purpose.
However representatives of hospitals, blood backs, and laboratories should be happy with the large number of choices they have when it comes to storage appliances for blood. Helmer and Follett are just a couple of the respected manufacturers. There are many different types and styles of blood storage fridges offered, allowing for a design that should fit almost anyone’s needs.