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Avanti Refrigerators: What You Need to Know

The Avanti Company has been in the business of producing quality refrigerators, freezers, and other consumer appliances for almost 40 years. While this might not make them a new company in the business, Avanti refrigerators have made great in roads into the market by specializing in specialty appliances such as wine coolers, mini fridges for dorm rooms, and other compact refrigeration units. While Avanti still offers full sized fridges, they made their initial mark going the specialty route and that is what they are still the best known for.
Avanti full sized refrigerators
An Avanti full sized fridge will be quite different by definition than the full sized refrigerators that most other companies provide. Since Avanti focuses specifically on small specialty fridges, the largest models from this company are referred to as apartment sized refrigerators. These appliances are designed in the classic freezer top, refrigerator bottom design.
Avanti wine refrigerators
One of the major types of fridges which the Avanti company is known for are wine refrigerators. Many of the models are called wine coolers, and there are several varied designs between the various models available. Some appear like a regular three shelf mini fridge but with a nice wood finish on the outside to add a touch of class. Then there are the dual zone wine coolers which not only have room for bottles or cans in the door but also three shelves on the bottom with an actual designed wine rack on top. Other designs are taller with multiple shelves for bottles properly stored and no room for cans. With so many Avanti wine fridge designs to choose from, wine fans are sure to find one that suits them.
Avanti compact fridges
Compact fridges, also often referred to as mini fridges, are a staple of Avanti’s business. In fact, there are over 28 different Avanti compact refrigerators to choose from in three different designs. As of 2011 Avanti offered 13 counter high designs, 11 cube designs, and 4 mid-size designs. The sheer variety of compact refrigerators offered by this company reveals options for just about any and everyone who needs a compact fridge. These range from ideal set ups for wine and beer fans to perfect mini fridges for the dormitory and everything in between. Whether for an office, a dorm room, or a homemade bar (or man cave) there is going to be a great Avanti mini fridge that fits your exact needs.
Avanti commercial refrigerator & freezers
While there are very few commercial fridges or freezers offered by the Avanti Company, there is one main version of each this company produces. The Avanti commercial fridge is a full-sized beverage cooler like you commonly see in gas stations and convenience stores. This provides a full 12 cubic feet of storage space and has room for up to half a dozen different rows. The Avanti commercial freezer model CF208G is designed with clear glass doors to allow customers to peruse a wide range of frozen treats – also the type often seen in convenience stores.
As you can see Avanti might not produce a full line of regular consumer refrigerators, but when it comes to specialty fridges they are hard to beat.