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Arcelik Refrigerators: A Brief History of the Company

If you haven’t heard of Arcelik refrigerators, don’t feel too bad.  This isn’t a brand name you hear too often when it comes to American or Far East Asian markets, but the Arcelik Company is a Turkish based company that specializes in home appliances and sells heavily in the Middle Eastern and Asian markets, even expanding recently into Russia.  Founded in 1955 in Istanbul, Turkey; this company has a long history of producing durable goods and various consumer appliances to their markets.
The modern standing of Arcelik refrigerators is impressive, as the parent company is considered by sales volume to be the third largest provider of home appliances in Europe, behind only Electrolux and Indesit.  There are two main brands from this company, with Arcelik being one and Beko being the other.  While Arcelik might get a lot of attention, it’s also important to know that they’re not the company all the way at the top.  Arcelik is owned by Koc Holding, Turkey’s largest industrial service group.
A brief history of Arcelik
The first appliance Arcelik produced was actually a washing machine, made in 1959.  The first model of refrigerator came the very next year in 1960.  The company continued to expand, bringing out new models and continuing to produce inexpensive but reliable home appliances for every part of the home.  1999 was a major reorganization year, and the merger of Beko and Arcelik happened in the wake of some major changes.  Plants were opened in other countries like Romania, Russia, and China to increase its reach into other markets.
In modern times, when it comes specifically to the refrigerators produced the two largest Arcelik refrigerator plants are currently located in Eskişehir, Turkey and Kirzhach, Russia, respectively, although the plant in Russia also produces washing machines.
What’s the future?
While no one can ever predict the future for sure, Arcelik is not only one of the largest manufacturers of refrigerators and home appliances in Europe, but their creation of plants in China and Russia show every intention of continuing to expand and refusing to just stand pat.  In addition, the gaudy sales numbers make it very unlikely that the company is going to crash any time soon.  People will continue to need reliable and affordable household appliances, and this company isn’t going to cut them out of production any time soon.
There’s every reason to believe that as long as this company keeps doing what they have been that Arcelik refrigerators will be around for a long time to come.

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Beko Appliances

Beko is an international company with locations in over 20 countries across Europe and Asia and brand presence in over 100 countries worldwide. Beko is a home appliance manufacturer, distributor and marketer and also includes the brands Arcelik, Altus, Artic, Leisure, Artstil, Elektra Bregenz, Flavel and Blomberg.  Their product range includes refrigeration, laundry, dishwashers, televisions and cookers. Beko is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK, the second largest brand in Turkey, and has over 40 years experience in the industry.
The first Beko appliance to be produced was a washing machine in 1959 and then a refrigerator in 1960. Manufacture initially started in Turkey and now includes ten production plants in Turkey, Romania and Russia. Arçelik (a Beko brand) was recently ranked “Number One in the Private Sector” for the 14th time in “Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Corporations” by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry. The controlling company of Beko, Koc Holding, reported 43 billion USD in consolidated revenues in 2008.
Beko Refrigeration
Perhaps most known for their fridges and freezers they have coined themselves “A Brand you can trust.” All Beko refrigeration units have a chiller zone compartment for fresh meat and fish storage, concealed evaporator with cold wall technology, glass shelves, and the finish option of white or silver. Some units have a chrome wire wine rack, the Beko smart cooling system, water dispenser, and auto defrost. Sizes range from less than 3 cubic feet to over 15 cubic feet, with just a handful reaching the 22 cubic feet mark. In typical European fashion, most units are designed to a gross cubic foot capacity of just about 13 cubic feet.
Beko Laundry & Dishwashers
The Beko brand washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers all tote the same combination of “great performance and superb style.” Energy efficiency is a top priority, and unique settings and programs allow for time saving and money saving. Beko claims the world’s most energy efficient washing machine and the world’s quickest ‘A’ rated dishwasher. Slim line models also allow for space saving.
Beko Televisions
Beko television sets feature LCD technology, are HD ready and receive digital FreeView reception. Sizes range from 14” – 42” with the choice of either wide screen or regular format (16:9 or 4:3.) There’s also the option of a DVD combination, which is a great alternative to having additional equipment and wiring. As with all Beko products, a sleek contemporary design houses state of the art machinery.
Beko Cooking
Choose from built in or freestanding, gas, electric or compact, Beko cooking ranges and ovens share the same style and energy efficiency as all their products. The options are numerous, from single oven and grill models, to full double ovens with programmable timers.
Beko has proven itself a leading supplier of domestic appliances with reliability, high quality, and energy efficiency. Their wide range of refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, televisions and cookers are smartly designed both inside and out.