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American Fridge

When looking at a middle class kitchen in the United States, you will see a specific type of common American fridge freezer that is rapidly gaining popularity across the face of the globe. An American style fridge freezer is a very large appliance with a huge storage capacity. For people who are tired of running out of space in the refrigerator, these appliances are a big hit.
Everyone is looking to economize on time and one very time consuming activity is grocery shopping. A great way to reclaim some of your personal time is by purchasing food in bulk. Unfortunately for this to be feasible, it is necessary you have somewhere to store all this food. Large American style refrigerators are perfect for this.
These fridges come in the form of a side-by-side fridge freezer. Due to the two units sitting next to each other the appliances is quite wide, which means your kitchen must be carefully planned to provide some place for it to sit.
American fridges like this are best for larger kitchens with ample floor space. Some homes are unfortunately limited in their available kitchen space – these kitchens may be forced to shop for smaller slimline fridges.
While not cheap, a large American fridge freezer will usually come with the full line of luxury features. Commonly included are a filtered water dispenser and ice-maker. They will also usually include various drawers/storage items designed to fit commonly purchased supermarket items like Milk, Eggs and Cheese.
Included on many high end appliances of this type are gadgets like LCD televisions, child proof locks and alarms to announce if the door has been left ajar. Almost all new units of this type are designed to meet the exacting energy efficiency requirements set by the US Federal government, so the monthly operating costs should be reasonable.
If you need your new fridge to match your other kitchen appliances, you do have some flexibility in finish. American style refrigerators can be had in all the common colors – from basic white or black, to a sleek looking stainless steel.
With American fridges being very common in the USA, there is no shortage of manufactures and models to choose from.   Samsung, Hotpoint and LG refrigerators are all worth looking at. Other popular choices to consider are the AEG and Beko fridge lines.
For the homeowner with a little space to spare, an upgrade to an American fridge freezer can be a good investment. The extra capacity of these feature packed appliances can be a very good value for the price.