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12v Fridges For Sale

Buyers looking for 12v fridges for sale have many options, as there are quite a few different brands of 12v fridge available. Below I address some of the different manufacturers of 12v fridges and make recommendations selecting an appropriate product line.
For those seeking quality 12v fridge freezers, compressor based technologies are usually the best. There are several firms you manufacture a wide range of compressor 12v fridge freezer units, these include Waeco, Engel and Norcold.
Waeco Fridges for Sale
Waeco produces a wide range of different 12v fridge freezers. No matter whether you prefer a cheap thermoelectric fridge, a flexible three-way fridge freezer or a compressor refrigerator freezer unit; Waeco – a subsidiary of Dometic – manufactures an appropriate selection.
No matter what your budget there are a wide range of high quality Waeco fridges for sale. Waeco compressor fridge freezers are particularly renowned for using high-quality German Danfoss compressors.
Engel Fridges for Sale
Another great manufacturer of 12v refrigerator freezers is Engel. They offer some of the best compressor style refrigerator freezer units available in stores. The Sawafuji swing compressors used in Engel fridge freezers are very well-regarded.
If you seek a truly high-quality refrigerator for use as a car fridge then you would be well advised to seek out Engel fridges for sale.
Norcold Fridges for Sale

This firm is best known for Norcold 3 way refrigerators. While these are not the ideal 12v fridge freezer unit due to using absorption technology, they are a viable alternative to some of the competitor’s compressor models.
Particularly popular for use in Recreational Vehicles and Caravans is the Norcold Inc. Refrigerators 323T R/L 3 Way Refrigerator shown here. This 3 way fridge offers the option of mains power, 12v power and LPG for maximum flexibility in usage.
If you are really seeking out a discounted fridge for use with 12v direct current, then seeking Norcold fridges for sale may be a wise move for you. Do keep in mind however the energy consumption of these absorption refrigerators when running off of 12 volts can be relatively high.
Other Brands

If none of these firms products appeal, there are numerous other manufacturers of 12v freezer fridges available. ARB and National Luna are a couple worth considering. The ARB 10800472 Fridge Freezer is very well regarded by many people.
One note of caution, when looking for a 12v refrigerator for sale it is very easy to over emphasize the low price and pay insufficient attention to quality. If a cheap 12v refrigerator is all you can afford then by all means buy a discounted 12 V fridge freezer, but if your budget allows it is well worth considering investing little more in a more expensive unit.
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12V Refrigerators

Cheap 12v refrigerators are very useful appliances for a variety of different applications.
Potential buyers of a 12v cooler have a large variety of options to choose from. In this article I explore some of the many 12v mini refrigerators and fridges available in the marketplace.

For those on a tight budget the Wagan EL2260 6-Liter Personal Fridge / Warmer is a steal. While not renowned for their 12v car fridges, this cheap 12v fridge does job keeping drinks chilled while travelling the interstate. This is not a high powered device so it is best suited to keeping already refrigerated items cold, rather than chilling them from scratch.

Koolatron makes several cheap 12v refrigerators. One model, the Koolatron Voyager Thermoelectric Cooler – P-27, can be had for around $100 during 12 volt fridge sales. This thermoelectric cooler can plug into any 12-volt power source – such as a cigarette lighter – to provide cooling to any car, truck or boat on the move. The Koolatron P-27 has a built in – if modest – food heating ability.

At a somewhat higher price point, the Koolatron P95 Travel Saver Cooler 45-Quart, Light Grey runs for about $150. At 45 quarts, this is a rather large 12v refrigerator. With a draw of 4.5 amps it is capable of cooling about 40 degrees Fahrenheit (22 degrees Celsius) below the ambient temperature. At 17 pounds this is not a small refrigerator, but if space permits it makes a great vehicle refrigerator.

If you plan to be a serious user of 12 volt refrigerators, there are also some very pricey compressor technology car fridge options available. The Engel AC/DC Fridge Freezer – Engel MR040F-U1 is a 48 pound 12 Volt refrigerator designed for permanent installation in a vehicle. Engel refrigerators are the cream of the crop when it comes to 12v refrigeration. They combine a very low current draw with the ability not only to cool, but to hold the temperatures of the contents at well below freezing; and they receive amongst the best 12v refrigerator reviews.
With all these 12v refrigerators to choose from, you will surely find some 12v fridges for sale that meets your needs.