12v TV

A 12v TV is a great appliance for those seeking the entertainment offered by television while away from home. 12v televisions are available in a wide range of sizes, meaning there is a 12 volt television suitable for almost any application.
12 volt televisions are very popular with long distance truck drivers and full time RVers. Both these demographics spend a lot of time in remote locations, but appreciate the comforts of modern living.

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By installing a 12 Volt LCD TV inside a truck or RV people gain the ability to tune into the local broadcast channels and view whatever is showing. This means truck drivers can enjoy a little entertainment while on the road, and RVers have no need to miss their favorite programs when spending time in their recreational vehicles.
Of course, sometimes it can be very difficult to pick up an over the air broadcast signal – for this reason many people opt for 12V TV/DVD combination units. By having a built in 12v DVD player in their television they are sure to always have some viewing options.
Of course, there are other buyers for 12v TVs also. People who choose to live on property that is off-the-grid often have all their appliances setup to run from power generated by solar panels or wind turbines.
Due to the nature of these renewable energy alternatives, it is considerably more efficient to run 12v DC appliances rather than utilizing the Alternating current versions. For this reason many 12v television are purchased by people in this situation; where they often accompany 12v refrigeration and 12v heating solutions.
While people installing one of these televisions in their truck or RV may opt for 12 to 15 inch TV, those with an actual house who need 12v TVs have the option of purchasing larger units all the way up to 22 inches in size.
There are only a limited number of manufacturers of 12v televisions to choose from, as the market for them is rather small. Some of the better known firms producing these units are Naxa, iView, Pyle and Skyworth.
Amazon sells a good selection of these 12v TV units.