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Maytag M1TXEMMWW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

If you’re looking specifically for a Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review then you’ve probably already heard good things about this particular model and are now looking for specific information. Maytag is one of the largest producers of home appliances in the world, and when it comes to the M1TXEMMWW, this particular Maytag refrigerator stands up as extremely high quality and outperforms most comparable models. On average this fridge falls anywhere from the $550 to $800 range and comes in a variety of colors and with some adjustable options that consumers will find helpful.
When it comes to specs, the Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator comes in with 21 cubic feet of storage volume, uses a mere 416 kilowatt hours of energy a year, and is Energy Star qualified. While white is the standard color there are options (at additional cost) for getting a model in bisque, black, or stainless steel as well. Gallon door storage allows for convenient placement of milk while the freezer volume comes in at 6.5 cubic feet. The shelves in the fridge are made of glass and this model does come with an ice maker, which is a definite perk. The manufacturer also backs up this top freezer refrigerator with a one year warranty.
While Maytag has experienced some stumbles in the past, this particular model seems to enjoy a fairly universal positive review from many consumer sites. Common comments from consumer reviews include special recognition for this model for being both roomy and quiet, and the old problems Maytag has had from time to time with breakdowns seem to not affect this particular model at all.
As with any refrigerator there are both pros and cons associated with this particular Maytag model. While these lists are hardly comprehensive, reading over the hundreds of online reviews and tests come up with these lists of the most common pros and cons.
Positives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: runs very quietly, Energy Star-compliant, reversible door for convenience, ice maker, very reasonable pricing, & adjustable door bins.
Negatives of the Maytag M1TXEMMWW: skipped spill-proofing the shelves, the gallon door storage only has room for one gallon and that’s it, and there’s no water dispenser to go with the ice maker.
This particular model has a lot to offer consumers, and hopefully this Maytag M1TXEMMWW top freezer refrigerator review has really helped to open your eyes to everything that this particular top freezer fridge has to offer.
21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator in White M1TXEMMWW

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Choosing the Best: Electrolux Refrigerator Reviews and Tips

If you’re interested in purchasing a new Electrolux fridge, you may be wondering what model, price range, and features are right for you. Luckily, a cornucopia of Electrolux refrigerator reviews and tips are out there to make your buying experience the best, and easiest, purchase of the year.
Buying the Best Fridge
Purchasing a large appliance such as a fridge or dishwasher is often a hefty investment for a household. Luckily, the best advice for buying a quality appliance is contains only three easy steps. Following these, you should be able to set yourself up for a great appliance buying experience.

  • Look up costumer reviews: The first step to finding the right fridge for you is to search through varied consumer reports to see which models of appliance raise to the top. Often, the best machines will get good reviews all around. If a generally well rated fridge gets one or two bad reviews, don’t rule out the fridge. There are always people who are unhappy with even the best model.
  • Go to an appliance dealer: Buying online is great, but finding a reputable dealer who can also handle repairs is best. For expensive appliances, take the time to forge a relationship with the people who will be fixing your machine.
  • Check out the warranty: An extended warranty on parts and service is always a good thing to check out. But before purchasing a warranty, make sure to go over just what exactly the warranty covers.

General Reviews
The general reviews of Electrolux refrigerators are mediocre at best. The largest problem that people have with these refrigerators is that the ice machine and supply components do not work properly. As a more expensive fridge model, people also do not like the build of this fridge. While most of these appliances are constructed correctly and securely, there is a review or two where the customer is unhappy with misaligning doors and loose fixtures. There also is some problem with maintaining internal fridge temperature.
Specific Problems
The main problem that customers have with their Electrolux fridges is failure of the ice machine. From strange dripping to weird noises, it seems as if these models of refrigerators are all lacking in the ice department. If you do choose to purchase one of these models of fridges, be aware that a great number of them malfunction within a short time after purchase and installation. What solutions are out there? An Electrolux technician can replace the computer component of the ice maker. You, as a homeowner, can also purchase an ice machine service kit that the company supplies to solve some of the problem parts.
Your Electrolux Fridge
When looking at Electrolux refrigerators, make sure to take customer experience reviews and the potential problems into consideration before making a large investment. Electrolux refrigerator reviews are the best way to get a good look at what sort of machine you’re considering. Always make sure to purchase your fridge from a reputable dealer and don’t forget to take a look at possible warranties.

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Whirlpool W1TXEMMW Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator seems to be perfectly geared towards small families or couples that need a reliable fridge but is still budget friendly. It has all the essentials that anyone expects in current refrigerator models these days, but if you’re looking for some premium features like a water dispenser, dual cooling systems, and air/water filters, then you’re going to have to do without those (or else upgrade to a higher end model).
When it comes to storage options, it is safe to say that most users will be satisfied with the variety of this model. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator comes in with a gross 20.9 cu. ft. capacity which it divides between the main food compartment (14.5 cu. ft.) and the top mounted freezer compartment (6.5 cu. ft.). There are several bins and shelves on the door to accommodate an assortment of bottles, cartons, and other food or drink containers.
In addition, there are four SpillMizer glass shelves in the main compartment to carry more of your food items. These spill-proof shelves are winners in minimizing spills and leaks from your jars, cans, and bottles, and it makes cleaning up a breeze as compared to mopping up all sorts of dripping stuff that has puddled up at the bottom of the fridge.
The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator also has a meat pan included inside the main compartment, and there are two crisper bins at the bottom to keep your fruits and vegetables fresh, safe, and perfectly delicious for days. Fruits generally require a different environment as compared to vegetables, so you will appreciate the dual humidity controls for each crisper drawer. Keep in mind that most fruits prefer a low-humidity environment, while veggies need higher humidity levels to stay crisp and fresh.
You will find two storage shelves inside the freezer compartment itself, plus two more shelves on the door for additional food or drink storage options. The Whirlpool W1TXEMMW also has an ice maker (installed at the factory) which is sure to be a hit with users who love mixing cold drinks.
You will also be glad to know that the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW fridge freezer is Energy Star certified. This means that your energy consumption and expenses will be reduced by as much as one-third, without sacrificing features, style, and comfort, as compared to using a refrigerator model that does not carry Energy Star certification.
With regards to appearances, the model looks and feels clean and smooth to operate, but if you want a model with counter-depth style, you need to look somewhere else. The protective coating on this model is very durable, although it is not made of stainless steel. This is probably an effort to prevent raising the costs and therefore the price of the appliance.
Overall, the Whirlpool W1TXEMMW top freezer refrigerator is a budget-friendly model that carries all of the essentials that you will need. Some premium features are sacrificed in exchange for affordability, but if you belong in its target market, it’s not likely that you’ll be missing such features like a water filter, an air filter, or a water and ice dispenser.

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Whirlpool ET0MSRXT Top Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top freezer refrigerator is not small enough to be considered a compact model, but it is also not among the biggest in its class. However, its size may be its biggest draw since the Whirlpool ET0MSRXT is small enough to fit into small kitchens and homes, yet packs in a lot of the features that are expected from larger models.
The price of this model also serves to attract budget-conscious consumers who need a reliable refrigerator without burning a hole in their pocket. Customers love the contoured, smooth doors and handle that match very well with most kitchen and apartment décor. The features inside the refrigerator include a full width, humidity controlled crisper for storing a wide selection of fruits and vegetables, plus the SpillMizer shelves can be repositioned (or even fully removed) to accommodate varying sizes of bottles, cartons, and other containers.
However, tall bottles might be hard to fit inside the door bins, so you’d have to be satisfied with keeping them in the main shelves. Aside from helping to control messy spills, the Spillmizer shelves also allow for easy cleanup should anything happen, which is always a big plus in anyone’s book.
The Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top mounted freezer also has dual temperature controls, which means that you can individually control the temperatures in the freezer and in the main food compartment. This is always a welcome detail, although it is already considered to be a common feature in all current models and far from innovative.
The freezer, with a 2.7 cubic feet capacity, has two shelves for storage purposes, where you can fit three 1/2 gallon ice cream containers, two or three ice cube trays, and several plastic packs of meat or chicken. However, potential buyers might be a little put off by the fact that there are no ice cube trays to go along with the fridge.
Because it was designed to be a space-saving model that can easily fit into cramped areas, it should be expected that the Whirlpool ET0MSRXT top freezer refrigerator lacks some of the features that you might expect from larger, more expensive models. It doesn’t have cantilevered shelves, gallon door storage, and no ice maker or dispenser. It also does not carry Energy Star certification.
The 9.6 cubic feet total capacity is actually perfect for singles or a couple with small needs, and in some cases, could even accommodate a small family of four. The freezer compartment is spacious for its class, and the same goes for the full width crisper bin. Dual controls for both the freezer and main food compartments, plus humidity control on the crisper bin are standard features that do not disappoint.
Some customers might want a little more shelving on either the door or the main compartment, but as mentioned, the main draw of this model is its space-saving capabilities. It fits easily inside all but the smallest of kitchens, studios, and apartments, and considering the price range, there is little to complain about.
To read more about maintenance and spares for this freezer please visit my page on Whirlpool Water filters.

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Westinghouse WBM3700SB Bottom Mount Fridge Review

The Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge is one of the best fridges in its class available in the market place. Being a product of a company that has established a reputation for quality and reliability certainly doesn’t hurt, and this particular model does the job well of being up to standards. Bottom mount fridges are becoming more and more popular as time goes by, and if you had only one model to choose among the myriad of options available in the market right now, you cannot go wrong with the Westinghouse WBM3700SB.
The main benefit of models like these is convenience. Because the freezer compartment is located at the bottom portion, users will enjoy easier and quicker access to all their food items in the main compartment. You will no longer have to bend over to search for anything that may be hiding on the bottom, because the design allows you to see and grab everything while standing.
The Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge features a stainless steel finish designed to resist fingerprints, and has a capacity of up to 370 liters. That includes a 243 liter capacity in the main food and beverage compartment, plus a 122 liter capacity in the bottom freezer. Your food and drinks are kept in adjustable Spillsafe glass shelves and door bins, allowing you to control and arrange the interior layout according to your specific needs.
Flexible restraints on the bottle rack (located on the bottom door bin) make sure that large and small bottles, as well as beverage cartons, are held firmly upright and in place, while still providing easy access. There is also a removable ice cube storage bin that allows for easy scooping access should you need some “rocks” for your drinks. The dairy compartment has a swing door for keeping food fresh while preventing other odors and flavors from mixing in with your cheese, butter, or milk.
The deli compartment can also be easily rearranged, which provides a nice, practical solution for keeping meats, cold cuts, and anything else that are of varying sizes. Meanwhile, your fruits and vegetable are kept fresh in the humidity-controlled crisper bin, which also features a split width arrangement for separating food items. The bottom mount freezer also has telescoping bins to provide easy access to any items stored inside.
The “chill stream curtain” technology in the Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount fridge directs cold air from top to bottom, allowing items stored in the door bins to be kept evenly cold. This works in conjunction with a multi flow delivery system to make sure that consistent temperatures are maintained all throughout the fridge interior. There are separate knobs for controlling humidity and temperatures in the crisper bin as well as the main food compartment and bottom mount freezer.
The only disadvantage of the Westinghouse WBM3700SB bottom mount freezer is that it may be a little bit out of the price range for most families who are just starting out. With that said, the technological advances that are featured in bottom mount models like these will make sure that you and your family get what you pay for.
The design lets you arrange the interiors to your liking, and to see and get everything you need in the main food compartment without kneeling or bending over, while the technology ensures a consistent, cold temperature for all your food and drinks.

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Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS Review

When it comes to finding a high quality appliance for keeping your best bottles of wine cool, the Jenn Air Wine Cooler JUB248LWRS model should come up frequently. This high end model of wine refrigerator is known for its innovative design in addition to many design benefits which keeps it a favorite among wine fans. This model of Jenn air wine cooler is made from stainless steel, can serve as an under the counter fridge, and includes a glass window to allow you look at the different labels available while still offering UV protection to keep the wine from being damaged by too much light.
Three different cooling settings are available, which definitely sets this particular wine cooler apart from the competition. There are two racks which can roll out from the small fridge in addition to enough space to hold an impressive 22 bottles. This model of Jenn Air Wine Cooler is somewhat heavy, weighing up to 160 pounds and is commercial level strength, and an LED display makes it easy to monitor the inside temperature of the wine cooler. These models are particularly popular with some small restaurants or businesses, but plenty of wine connoisseurs at home also enjoy this particular wine fridge.
One of the other major benefits offered by the JUB248LWRS Jenn Air Wine Cooler are the high quality warranties which are offered by the manufacturer. Anyone buying this model new can safely assume that they are covered for one year parts and labor, and there are many different kinds of extended warranties available, as well.
The price on this specialty Jenn Air Fridge can vary quite a bit from one retailer to another and while prices may vary by several hundred dollars from one place to another, it’s important to recognize that any wine cooler of this level of commercial quality is going to cost over a thousand dollars. That said, many places offer the Jenn JUB248LWRS in the $1,200 to $1,800 dollar range.
So those are the positives, but what are the potential negatives for this model?  There are a few to look at. One is that the company often doesn’t allow vendors to advertise actual pricing online, making it very hard to shop around comparatively for the best deal. This can be very annoying, and also increases the chances of you potentially over paying.
Another potential negative could be pricing. This is a commercial level wine fridge and if you only have a few bottles of wine then this Jenn Air model might be prohibitively expensive for your specific needs. If you tend to only drink wine once a month or less, then a Jenn Air commercial wine refrigerator might be a lot more than you actually need.
However if you tend to really enjoy your wine and aren’t satisfied with the storage options of your normal fridge or an un-cooled wine rack, or if you simply like hosting a lot of formal get-togethers or parties then maybe the Jenn Air wine cooler is just what you’ve been looking for.

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Black and Decker BFD53 Chest Freezer Review: Is It All It's Cracked Up To Be?

While this might seem very strange at first, the Black and Decker BFD53 Chest Freezer shows that the Black and Decker Company isn’t just limited to power tools and lawn mowers. While the chest freezer division of the Company isn’t huge, they still work to put the same level of quality into the Black and Decker freezers as they would with any other product representing their brand name. While these are not the ultra expensive commercial grade level of freezers, many people don’t need to pay the extra money for commercial strength appliances as a normal well built chest freezer will be more than enough.
The BFD53 is a smaller model of chest freezer, which is very convenient for many families who don’t have a ton of space for a giant box freezer but whom still need the extra space for frozen food. This particular model is approximately 29 inches wide, 22 inches deep, and 32 inches tall. This amount of space allows for an average of up to 150 lbs of frozen meat, which is going to be necessary for many deer hunters. That might not put a huge dent in the problem for moose hunters, but it’s at least a start as far as getting the extra meat frozen and properly stored. The freezer itself weights 76 pounds, which is pretty reasonable for even a small chest freezer.
The Black and Decker BFD53 chest freezer reviews out as a middle of the pack chest freezer in that it doesn’t stick out as some overly expensive and great commercial strength unit, but it also doesn’t have any major flaws or weaknesses that would cut it down. This chest freezer also comes with all the little things that you would want from a high quality and modern design, including a power light to indicate when power is on or off, heavy duty spring hinges, easy access defrost drain, and a security lock and key. This is one of the most interesting features of the freezer, and gives an extra bit of security to make sure all your food stays your food.
At the end of the day an honest review has to look at the Black and Decker BFD53 chest freezer and call it a well made but average small chest freezer. It’s not going to be mistaken for top of the line, but it’s not going to fall to the level of some of those cheap pieces of junk which have broken down on so many people. This is a good inexpensive small chest freezer that works well and comes with a one year manufacturer’s warranty just in case.
The Black and Decker line of refrigerators and freezers are aimed at people on a strict budget who need a new appliance, and in that regard the BFD53 succeeds admirably. It’s an affordable chest freezer that will provide years of service and give that much needed 150 lbs of frozen meat worth of storage. For many consumers this will be more than enough for their needs.

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Sub Zero 736-TCI Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Review

The Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer refrigerator comes with a variety of options which makes it popular with many consumers. This combination refrigerator freezer is designed with a pull out freezer on the bottom, and the fridge can come with the door hinged on the right or the left depending on the personal preference of the buyer. The 736TCI is considered a high end model and offers several unique features that make it especially popular among many consumers.
This model comes with a total volume of 20.6 cubic feet, and includes 13.7 cubic feet for fresh food, and 6.9 cubic feet of freezer space. The inside refrigerator shelves are made from glass, and there is a specific shelf just for eggs. This model does come with an automatic ice maker for convenience, and the base design is a classic stainless steel appearance, with the door hinges hidden to increase the aesthetic beauty or make it easier to match with a kitchen set up through the use of panels.
This strikes at the single detail that most sub zero refrigerator reviews agree is one of the best and most popular features of the 736-TCI: panel ready set up. While at its most basic design this refrigerator freezer gives a classic stainless steel look, this Sub Zero refrigerator freezer is designed to accept paneling which means you can custom design a panel to make the fridge fit in completely with any kitchen set up. This appliance can match the cupboards, match the woodwork in the house, and fit in as if it had been customized just for your own kitchen and home.
A few other really important points that a good Sub Zero 736-TCI bottom freezer fridge review should include would be that these appliances are Energy Star rated and Star-K certified. In addition, the automatic defrost on the freezer makes maintenance much easier, and the refrigerator section even has temperature zones, allowing for colder sections for foods that need a little bit more. Because of this the vegetables and leftovers can stay fresh without the annoyance of seeing a thin layer of ice form on the Kool Aid or milk.
These are not commercially rated appliances, however they are considered pretty high level for consumer strength fridges and freezers. If you’re not working on a strict budget that requires you to find a diamond in the rough type of deal, then the 736-TCU Sub Zero model might be out of your price range. However if you are looking for a very high quality appliance and can spend the money on the best available to consumers, this is definitely a refrigerator freezer worth checking out.

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Consumer Reports Appliances

Consumer reports magazine is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization with over 3.2 million subscribers. They test over 3,000 products a year to pin point best buys and worst buys. They claim to be 100% unbiased due the fact that they take no outside advertizing. This also means they must charge a nominal fee to provide their review service, $26.00 yearly, $5.95 monthly. A mobile application is also included in the subscription, which can be helpful while out shopping. The website includes a vast inventory of products under the categories of Cars, Electronics, Home and Garden, Babies and Kids, and lastly Appliances. Consumer Reports Appliances include Laundry and cleaning, kitchen, and heating, cooling and air.
Laundry & Cleaning
Laundry and cleaning includes pretty much any cleaning appliance you can imagine including clothes dryers, washers, sewing machines, steam irons, steam mops, vacuum cleaners both wet and dry. In addition to appliances they also include reviews on consumable cleaning supplies. When searching for the best product, you can either enter the make and model you are interested in, or enter specific criteria like size, energy consumption, or specific features. They also feature particular topics of interest in an article like format, for example “Water-saving washers.”
Kitchen Appliances
The appliances included in the kitchen category are even more numerous and include two sub categories. Large appliances are listed as cook tops and wall ovens, dishwashers, freezers, microwave ovens, range hoods, ranges, refrigerators, and wine cellars. Small appliances are listed as blenders, coffeemakers, countertop induction burners, food processors and choppers, garbage disposals,  juicers, thermometers, mixers, slow cookers, toasters and water filters. A nice addition to the consumer reports website is a more holistic view, the Kitchen-Planning Guide, where you can choose your appliances together and compile the best products for your home.
Heating, Cooling & Air
Often forgotten, due to the out of sight out of mind circumstance, the heating cooling and air appliances are actually some of the most important appliances in your home. includes reviews of air conditions, air purifiers, dehumidifiers, gas fireplaces and furnaces, humidifiers, pellet and wood stoves, solar water heaters, space heaters and water heaters. The forum feature on the website can be very helpful especially for these appliances, where people can ask questions and have peers and professionals provide advice and experiences.
Since 1936 Consumer Reports has been providing expert buying advice, recommendations and ratings on a wide spectrum of products. Like all products that are reviewed and tested, Consumer Reports Appliances are acutely researched before testing even begins. Data is gathered about consumer demand, and then staff shoppers in 65 US cities purchase the products to be used as test samples. Surveys gather information on experiences from hundreds of thousands of subscribers that is used in the Frequency of Repair and Reliability Reports. Finally state of the art testing equipment, some of it specially designed by Consumer Reports engineers, is used to compare the quality and performance of the product to government, industry and Consumer Report designated standards. So you can be sure will provide you with accurate and concise information about any appliance you are considering purchasing.

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Types of Energy Star Qualified Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool is a well-known name brand for refrigeration, and various other major home appliances. They strive to attain the Energy Star qualification on all their products, and here we will discuss the different models, types or styles of refrigerator freezer combos that Whirlpool manufactures that have attained that Energy Star Qualification, which is basically all of them!
French Door Freezer on Bottom
All French door style units have a pull out drawer style freezer on the bottom and two equal sized doors on top that open from the outside hinges, one on the left and one on the right. The look is sophisticated and modern. All eight Whirlpool French door styled models are Energy Star Qualified. They range in capacity from 20 cubic feet to a whopping 27 cubic feet and range in price from $1,699.00 – $2,999.00 base msrp. Of course you can always shop around to find deals like this one, on the Whirlpool Gold GX5FHDXVY 36 24.8 cu. ft. French door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel.
Side by Side
Side-by-Side units are designed with two doors that run the entire vertical, with a smaller door, usually on the left, to house the freezer compartment and a larger door, typically on the right, that opens to the refrigeration area. They almost always have a water filtration system and ice dispenser on the freezer door side. Aesthetically, they are associated with the modern kitchen. The style was first introduced to the residential market in the late 1960s, but perhaps gained a more wide spread popularity in the 1980s. Dimensions for Whirlpool units range from 22 cubic feet to 25 cubic feet. The most basic Energy Star qualified Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator runs $999.00 base msrp, while the priciest tops off at $2,599.00. Of course, deals can always be found with a little bit of shopping around. Take this Whirlpool ED2KVEXVB 21.7 cu. ft. Side by Side Refrigerator in Black as an example of an exceptional deal.
Freezer on Top
This is the one everyone knows, the classic and timeless freezer on top. The doors can be switched to swing in either direction, depending on which is more conducive to your kitchen’s design. Whirlpool manufactures twenty-seven different freezer on top models; thirteen of them are Energy Star Qualified. Their sizes range from 15 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet. Their prices range from $699.00 to $1,299.00 base msrp with cheaper deals to be found on Amazon, like the Whirlpool Gold G2IXEFMWS 21.7 cu. ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator in Stainless Steel, which is listed as $1,349.00 base msrp on the official Whirlpool website.
Freezer on Bottom
The freezer on bottom is also pretty common, and self-explanatory. Some models are designed so that the freezer compartment on the bottom pulls out like a drawer, while others just swing the same as the freezer on top style. Same as the freezer on bottom, the doors can be hung to swing either left opening or right opening. Whirlpool offers four Energy Star Qualified freezer on bottom models ranging in size from 19 cubic feet to 22 cubic feet. The base msrps are set between $1,049.00 and $1,549.00, but here is the Whirlpool Gold GB2FHDXWB 21.9 cu. ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator in Black listed for a little less.
The options for Whirlpool refrigerators are numerous. There is the perfect design and style for everyone, be it French door, side by side, freezer on top or freezer on bottom. The Energy Star Qualification is integrated into every type of model Whirlpool has to offer, so whichever you choose you’ll be sure you’re making an environmentally conscientious choice.